Former Clinton Bodyguard Writes Scathing, Tell-All Book: Clintons Are Furious! (Video)

Former bodyguard to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gary Byrne, just finished writing a detailed, scathing accounting of the scandal-ridden Clinton years, full of infidelity, screaming matches, black eyes, Hillary terrorizing her staff and so much more.

The book has caused an uproar in the liberal left and all they can seem to talk about is ‘what a dirty campaign’ this election year has brought us.

Gary Byrne at a Christmas Party With the Clintons

Former Clinton Bodyguard, Gary Byrne at a Christmas Party With the Clintons

Mary Anne Marsh, former adviser to John Kerry, tries to tie the contents, and the release of the book on Donald Trump, which is completely ludicrous. 

The books contents are damaging to the Clinton’s who, over the years have tried to portray themselves as the all American family; sex scandals, a drunk Hillary photographed at parties, and the more recent email scandal making Hillary completely unfit for president.


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