Group Calls Dems To Practice What They Preach, Disarm Guards At Convention

The left are hypocritical, and their obsession with making it harder for law-abiding Americans to own and buy guns has been aggressive.

They even going so far as to try and create federal gun registries, regardless of whether or not the Vice President has said already on the record, that the federal government can not effectively manage such a database.

The battle goes on and on to take away the Second Amendment rights the Constitution provides, and while criminals will always acquire weapons,  Alan Gottlieb asks Democrats to practice what they preach, saying it’s time for the party to “put up or shut up” about the guns, stating the best way to do that is to forsake armed security during the Presidential Convention.  


Breitbart reports On April 6, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) issued a press release calling on the Democratic Party to practice what they preach and disarm guards and security at the upcoming Democratic Convention.

The convention will be held in Philadelphia July 25-28.

According to the release, the CCRKBA wants “Democrats to gather at the Wells Fargo Center without the protection of armed police, Secret Service, or private security personnel.” In other words, to gather in the same kind of gun-free zone the Democratic Party keeps in place for kids and teachers in elementary schools across the country.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said:

Democrats have become known as the party of gun control. Virtually all recent gun control proposals at the federal and state levels have been launched and championed by Democrats. It’s time for the party to “put up or shut up” about guns. The best way to do that is to forsake armed security during the convention.

Gottlieb added, “If a political party believes guns do not make us safer, they should set an example by rejecting any and all forms of armed security at their national convention.” He said, “No group, organization or political party that makes erosion of a constitutionally delineated fundamental civil right part of its agenda should benefit in any way from the existence of that right.”

CCRKBA has also launched a petition seeking to gather signatures in support of banning guns at the Democratic National Convention.

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