Infiltrated By ISIS-Orlando Killer Omar Worked For Dept Of Homeland Security Contractor

Omar Matten was employed as a security contractor for G4S Secure Solutions for nearly a decade.  The contractor company was founded as,’ The Wackenhut Corporation’ and works with Homeland Security, State and Labor, and the U.S. Army.  It is based south of London in Britain and has 623,000 employees in 110 countries.


Down Stream Politics reported that Omar Mateen held 2 firearms licenses and a license as a security contractor.  (Hint: The problem isn’t guns, it’s radical Islam – the threat that both Obama and Hillary refuse to name.)  He was employed as a security contractor for G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc. for nearly a decade beginning in 2007.

Mateen worked at G4S for many years despite being the subject of multiple FBI investigations.  This demonstrates not only that ISIS has infiltrated the Department of Homeland Security, but that the other agencies tasked with keeping us safe are asleep at the switch.  Make no mistake, this is a major FBI failure.

Mateen’s employer – where he worked as a security contractor!!! – provides security to more than 90% of U.S. nuclear facilities.  They also transport illegal immigrants in fortified buses.  What could possibly go wrong having an ISIS operative providing security at a nuclear facility?  And who is watching the watchers?  G4S failed to check the background of their security employee and the FBI failed to take action when they knew he was a threat and held a job related to national security.  It reads like a bad thriller.

It is unknown at this point what Mateen’s specific job was at G4S, but it is totally clear that he should never have held a job there at all and that both G4S’s screening process and the FBI failed and failed badly.  What remains to be seen is how many other ISIS operatives and sympathizers are employed in sensitive positions and if the FBI has the ability and the will to do anything about it.

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