New York Mosque’s Blaring 5 TIMES DAILY CALL TO PRAYER INTOLERABLE, “Too Noisy” (Video)

Masjid-Al-Aman is a mosque that sits near the border of Queens and Brooklyn in East New York, and offers prayers five times a day.  But some residents say the mosque’s azan, or call to prayer, is a nuisance—neighbors have filed 156 noise complaints against Masjid-Al-Aman.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes….


Jews News reports Islamic supremacism in action. Here we see the complete and utter disregard Muslims have for their non-Muslim neighbors. A mosque in Brooklyn is torturing neighborhood residents every day, five times a day, with the piercing, loud Muslim call to prayer. It starts at 6 am — can you imagine? Muslims in the community insist it is a beautiful sound and that everyone should enjoy it. Enjoy it? For many, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. For many, “allahu akbar” elicits brutal memories.

Hundreds of residents have complained to NYC government authorities, to no avail.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes….

The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) did not fine the mosque, despite ongoing violations (five times a day), because of the “short duration” of the Muslim prayer.” The mosque is violating existing laws. But the DEP didn’t fine them because Muslims are a special class and everyone is afraid to offend or insult them. Accommodation always gives way to more demands, more accommodations.

The irony, of course, is how we are constantly being schooled, admonished by Muslims and Islamic apologists about mutual respect and mutual understanding, when what they really mean is submit, shut up, stand down.
Clearly they want to force non-Muslims to move out of the neighborhood. Islamic imperialism in modern-day America.

These residents need to file a class action suit against the mosque and the DEP for failing to enforce existing laws.

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