Powerful: Official Movie Trailer – Donald Trump Battles Clinton And The Political Establishment (Video)

In a race against time, Donald J. Trump must attain the holy number of ‘1,237’ to clench the Republican nomination against the evil horde known as ‘The Establishment.’


With millions of followers and a new found hope for the future, will Trump prevail from the constant bombardment from the media, liberals, progressives, conservatives, political establishment, globalists, and the brainwashed masses?


Or will he, against all odds, end their reign and become President of the United States of America, and succeed in making America great again?

The outcome for the future is within our hands, the hands of the people.

Video/ HT: Published Golden Trump 

NOTE from Published Golden Trump: This is a work of parody and is protected under Fair Use. This video is not for profit. It is intended solely for the entertainment of others. All footage and audio belongs to their rightful owner.

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