Seniors Are Arming Themselves In Record Numbers Across The Country

According to an NRA statistics and other reports recently uncovered, hordes of senior citizens are starting to take up arms in their own defense.  Statistics also indicate that since 2010, the number of senior citizens taking a basic firearms course recently has dramatically increased – by as much as 400 percent!

More and more senior citizens are beginning to arm themselves, according to reports.

More and more senior citizens are beginning to arm themselves, according to reports.

According to the NRA, there’s been a 300 percent increase in the number of gun class students over the last five years.  When questioned about the (possible) reason(s) why this statistic is surging as late, senior citizens, particularly,  say they want to simply protect themselves in these increasingly violent times, noting that recent increases of seeing other elderly citizens being targeted in robberies, home invasions and other violent crimes directly targeting senior citizens.

Frontier Justice – Served Up By The Frontier Justice Gun Store

In fact, so many senior citizens are buying guns across the country now, that Frontier Justice Gun Store in Lee’s Summit is now offering a seniors-only gun safety and handling course.   71-year-old Joan Eshelman told WFMZ news that “….there were so many home invasions and you hear about so many things that happen when people are walking down the street, so I thought it was time.”

Seniors Are Taking Up Arms in Droves as Crimes Against Seniors Increase

This video tells us how more senior citizens are beginning to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands when it comes to their self-protection:

Joan Eshelman is not the only senior, however, to echo that very answer:  “….I’ve seen it on television, I’ve seen it in magazines, and you know, if it should happen, I just want to be ready,” he said.

Violent crimes against seniors has grown to epidemic proportions in the last several years and it looks like they’re finally getting to a point where they’ve had it and refuse to idly sit by while becoming victims of these targeted crimes.  All we can say is ‘You GO!’

Sources:  Fox News and 41 Action News

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