UNREAL. Obama Tells Reporters: His Trip To Hiroshima To Honor “All” War Dead (VIDEO)

Barack Obama’s is the first U.S. President to visit Hiroshima Japan.  What is remarkable here is that he choose make the trip Memorial Day week.

Listen to Barack Obama as he told reporters at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park- the site at the center of the city dedicated to the victims of the atomic bombing on Wednesday,  “will honor all those who were lost in World War II.”





The Gateway Pundit reported that The Imperial Japanese Military committed thousands of war crimes in World War II resulting in the death of millions of civilians and prisoners of war.

Pacific War put together this list of a few of the Worst Imperial Army and Navy War Crimes during World War II.

The Rape of Nanking (1937), also known as the Nanjing Massacre

The Bangka Island Massacre (1942): Slaughter of Australian Army Nurses

The Bataan Death March (1942)

The Sandakan Death March (1945)

Murder and cannibalism on the Kokoda Track (1942)

Conscripting women for sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels (1937-1945)

Mutilation and murder of Dutch civilians in Borneo

Murder and cannibalism – captured American pilots

Murder of American pilots and aircrew at Midway (1942)

The bombing of the hospital ship Manunda (1942)

The sinking of the hospital ship Centaur (1943)

Extermination of survivors of merchant vessels sunk by the Japanese (1943-45)

But facts don’t matter to the current US president.
Barack Obama told reporters in Japan his historic visit to Hiroshima this week “will honor all those who were lost in World War II.”

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