25 Percent Of Federal Employees Said They’d Consider Quitting If Donald Trump Elected President


According to a poll conducted by Government Business Council, one in four federal employees would consider leaving their job if Donald Trump is elected president.


Ethyper reports One in four federal employees said they would consider quitting their job if Donald Trump is elected president.

A poll conducted by Government Business Council, Government Executive Media Group’s research arm showed 14 percent of government workers said they would definitely consider quitting if Trump wins the White House. Another 11 percent said they might consider it.

Among Democrats, 42 percent said they would consider leaving while 48 percent said they would not. Only 8 percent of Republicans said they would quit if Trump, a billionaire turned politician, wins the presidential election.

Among all federal employees, almost 60 percent said they would be “embarrassed” to have him as their boss. Fifty percent of those who responded said they would be embarrassed by Hillary Clinton compared to 45 percent for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and 37 percent for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt; and 20 percent for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida.

Trump’s mixed numbers

While the survey shows some federal employees have mixed feelings about Trump, it also reveals he maintains a commanding lead among the GOP field.

The poll showed Trump was the top choice for 32 percent of the government workers who said they would be voting in the GOP primaries, an increase of 12 percent from August 2015. He is followed in the Republican field by Cruz at 17 percent, Rubio at 12 percent and Dr. Ben Carson at 9 percent.

Among federal employees who identified as Democrats, Clinton was the top choice for 51 percent, followed by Sanders at 35 percent.

The poll was a random sampling of government employees representing more than 30 civilian and defense agencies. It was conducted Jan. 20-26.

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  1. Good they need to quit. They been on the DOLE too long. Maybe now they will have to work for a living like the rest of us working to keep them up!!!!!

  2. 1st I am not a fan of Trump nor a supporter,,,, But if 25% of Federal employees are willing to resign of Trump is Elected. Why? Did they do something wrong? and do not want to be charged?

    • That was my very first thought. CORRUPT CORRUPT Trump probably would have them fired anyway and they know it, he is going to find out all this wasteful spending that has been going on and costing the American hard working people billions. IT MUST STOP so our children and grandchildren have a future if they are willing to work hard and honest.

  3. As a federal employee I could almost guarantee those 25% were not doing the work to earn their paycheck anyway. So they will not be missed.

  4. They won’t be able to collect unemployment if they quit. Federal employees( like postal carriers) are the worst in any any industry. Sad that the leading country in the world can’t find better leadership than those who are running for President. HW

  5. GREAT! See that? Trump is already reducing the national debt on DAY 1! We need about 50% of the bureaucrats to quit…and move to Canada…or Syria.

  6. Not all government workers are the rich and famous you constantly hear of. There are many of us that made a career working in the government. It was a career not any different than yours. We worked for our benefits the same as you. I retired after twenyt five years because I was in a Law Enforcement position and when I went to work in 1974, the mandatory retirement age was 55. So think about those of us who ork twenty fours a day keeping the convicted felon in prison, working withh 1500 inmates and a staff of 50 on the morning watch. If you have a gripe againsts government workers, clarify WHO your gripe is about or SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

  7. If Trump eventually is named nominee and then elected President, all the people in the Government that claim they will quit, first off it will make Trumps job of cutting waste in Government will be made a little easier if they contribute to waste elimination by quitting. Also if they do quit, I hope it would be hard, very hard to find another comparable job. And in saying this, I realize there are a lot of people that are government workers. My statement is NOT intended for people that are in law enforcement or something similar. Those “government” workers are not considered FEDERAL employees but local and state government employees. There is a HUGE difference between the two. The BIGGEST waste to the taxpayers money is mostly on FEDERAL government. In fact, wages and benefits for our military personnel, law enforcement and a very few others need to be INCREASED on a very large scale.

  8. Good! jobs open up for people who want to work, and the quitters don’t get unemployment. It’s a win win for Trump supporters.

  9. Now do you really think that 25% of the government worker will quit, look at the facts,
    1. a job they only have to show up for to get paid.
    2. expensive training escapes with booze and naked women.
    3. not having to answer for anything they accidently do and can take the 5th.
    4. not even showing up for work for years and still getting paid.
    5. owe more in back taxes than the average citizen owes and the IRS overlooks that.
    6. Can not be fired!
    7. has the ability to lie under oath and not be charges with perjury.
    8. charge off personal expense to the government credit cards.
    9. the list goes on…

  10. Where do I send my resume? They don’t to keep their jobs, fine. This nation has a overwhelming populace out of work that would love a government job with great benefits.

  11. I’m embarrassed to have a 25% surplus of federal employees, and would be happy to see them leave. We have too much waste in government as it is. The next step will be to get them to join Hollywood celebrities and have them promise to move out of the country…

  12. I don’t know where they got the participants for this survey but, as a retired federal worker I can say that while many federal employees complain about their jobs and “who’s in charge,” 99% of them will not give up the pay and benefits of their government job.


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