3 Year Old Boy Identifies Who Murdered Him In Past Life- Leads Authorities to Hidden Grave


boy remembers past life

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today,” A German therapist, Trutz Hardo tells the story of a three-year old boy who lives on the border of Syria and Israel, who, by the time he could talk, told his parents about his murder in his previous life. The boy told his parants, and authorities, where his body was buried and where the murder weapon was. An excavation of the area where the boy claimed his previous self was buried uncovered a skeleton and an axe with which the boy claims his previous self was murdered was found where the boy claimed the murder weapon to be.

The boy even named his past self’s murderer. When he confronted the man who’d killed him, the man’s face turned white and he later admitted to the crime.

In his previous life, the boy had gone missing. He was never found and friends and family assumed he’d wondered into hostile territory where the Jews were being bombed by the Muslims or the Muslims were bombing the Jews and was killed. However, it turns out, the man never came back because he was murdered. Supposedly, he was killed because his live stock was grazing on his neighbor’s land.

After identifying his murderer, the boy also began visiting his previous wife, treating her as his wife, as well as his adult children, who he still treated like his children, even though he was a child himself.


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