4Chan Confirms To Michael Savage: Fake Story Was Concocted To Discredit The Left (Video)


A caller, “John,” who represents 4chan, told Michael Savage on Thursday afternoon, that they did make up the fictional salacious story about Donald Trump that was reported by both BuzzFeed and CNN.

John claims Rick Wilson was attacking his site and calling them out on Fox News, and that they were feeding Wilson the fan-fiction.  They knew he was friends with Evan McMillin, a policy staffer and former CIA operative.

John claims trolled journalists fabricated that story and about golden showers, and graphic claims of sexual acts with prostitutes that were documented by the Russians.

The CIA and the majority of the U.S. media ran with unverifiable so called intelligence briefing featuring allegations that the Kremlin has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” President-elect Donald Trump for at least five years by Vladmir Putin and Russia to become president.

Despite widespread rebuttals to 4chan’s claim, the caller, “John,” maintained that the “golden showers” Ritz-Carlton scene in the 35-page dossier allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer was “fan-fiction” concocted by a 4Chan member on Nov. 1 in an attempt, ultimately, to discredit the left, WND reports.


“We expected some garbage outfit like BuzzFeed to pick it up, or maybe the New York Times. We didn’t expect government entities to take interest in our fan-fiction,” John told Savage.

Critics argue 4chan has offered no proof and point out the Trump story was circulating long before Nov. 1.

4chan’s claim is that the phony story was sent to veteran Republican strategist Rick Wilson, a supporter of the presidential campaign of former CIA officer Evan McMullin, who then put it in the hands of the CIA.


The Nov. 1 post on 4chan said: “So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it. Guys, they’re truly [expletive] desperate — there’s no remaining Trump scandal that’s credible.”

Wilson has vehemently denied the 4chan claim, both on Twitter and Medium.

“If you believe the Russian/4chan spin that this information came from them, you can’t use a calendar, or common sense. This information on Trump’s various personal and business dealings in Russia was being pursued by major campaigns and by major media to my knowledge as early as late July of 2015, and the ‘Ritz Carlton’ information was out in the summer of 2016,” he said in a Medium post.

“The allegations I ‘took the memo to the CIA’ (or caused others to do the same) are utterly, entirely, and profoundly false and risible.”

Mother Jones published a story Oct. 31, the day before the anonymous post on 4chan, reporting the information had been given to the FBI. The New York Times reported details about the memos began circulating in the fall.

‘Invisible war’

John, who said he voted for Trump, explained to Savage the motivation for putting out “fan-fiction” is “there’s an invisible war between the left and the right,” noting the report of Hillary Clinton supporters being hired to disrupt Trump rallies.

He described the contributors to 4Chan as a “bunch of guys in their mid-20s to mid-30s getting drunk in the middle of the night and posting crazy stuff.”

He said the “golden showers” fiction, of Trump having prostitutes urinate on a hotel bed in which Obama slept in Moscow, started out with made-up stories of Trump defiling effigies of Obama.

He believes McMullin, who ran against Trump as an independent candidate, was part of the chain of information.

“So we were feeding Rick Wilson … what we call fan-fiction, and he’s posting picture of himself with Evan McMullin … and, if you listen to their narrative, it’s like a former intelligence officer handed the information to John McCain,” John told Savage.

He said McMullin was “heavily involved in MI6,” the British counterpart of the CIA.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has declared he handed the information to the FBI, and the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday the writer of the dossier was Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer.

The Times reported the anti-Trump report was compiled by the research firm Fusion GPS.

A Republican anti-Trump donor put up the money to hire the firm, the Times said, which contracted Steele to dig up dirt.

Fusion GPS was the firm hired by Planned Parenthood to analyze the undercover videos that caught executives discussing the sale of the parts of aborted babies. It made the dubious conclusion that pro-life investigators had “manipulated” the videos without offering any solid evidence.

Wednesday, in his first news conference since the election, Trump excoriated BuzzFeed and CNN for reporting the dossier, which he ridiculed as fake news.

Trump said the report “should never have been written and never have been released.”

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