A City in California Rolls Out an Armored Death Machine Complete with Machine Gun Turret…


Salinas, California, a community of 150,000 people are the new owners of a military assault death machine that comes complete with a machine gun turret on the top. The Salinas Police Department displayed its new armored rescue vehicle for public viewing in front of City Hall. Police said the ARV, acquired and customized at very low cost to the city, will provide protection and rescue capabilities to officers and civilians in high-risk situations.

Vehicles like this can be purchased through the US government’s 1033 program established as a means of reallocating government equipment for use by law enforcement. The 1033 Program allows law enforcement agencies to acquire excess (surplus) property for any bonafide law enforcement purpose with a preference given to counter-drug and terrorism requests.

One must wonder why a town of this size feels it needs to spend money for this type of protection… and from what?


 By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%


  1. Things like this are happening all over the country. They are preparing for war against the people under the pretense that its for our protection. And sadly most of us believe them.

  2. We received a similar one here in Humboldt County, California. I’m guessing they are preparing for the zombie apocalypses. What else would we need these for?

    • That’s just it, why would a small town buy something like that; it seems like overkill, and even with the gov discount it must cost more than a new police car.
      ~Rebel III%

  3. This is happening in small and big towns everywhere (see videos of the Boston bombing ) they usd these after the bombing to patrol the streets, it looked very much like a test for martial law , which is exactly what it was, a test as when the sh!$ hits the fan these will be out in force , prepare now to help your family survive

  4. A machine gun turret is nothing if no machine gun is in place. Humvee a and other vehicles can have machine guns installed if that’s what they want to do, so though it’s a good way to play on emotion, this means nothing. In the day of modern terror and the potential for dirty bombs and chemical or biological warfare, and when subjects in illegal activities often barricade themselves and have no problem with killing, these types of vehicles may give them just the edge they need. People were critical of the Iraq war because the troops at first weren’t given proper armor or equipment. Now, they’re critical of law enforcement who are merely planning to be prepared. The police aren’t evil. They’re everyday people who have often served in the military, live in our communities, have friends and neighbors like the rest of us, and patronize our local businesses while helping to keep us all safe. I say give them what they want. As with a lot of things, it’s better to have one of these and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  5. I believe these are going to be for the civil unrest caused by a water shortage of biblical porportions in California and parts of the midwest. There is going to be no water and this will cause major riots and death it is coming and the government is getting ready for it.


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