A Few Questions Now That We’re Scorched Earth w/ Russia: Like How do We Get to/from Space?


Oboma got angry that Vlad showed him how little he cares about O’s opinion. So Obama decided to put his big boy pants on and declare “sanctions on Russia”. He already shot himself in the feet so many times, I am surprised he is still walking.

Excerpt from the article:  “engines that U.S. automakers and other American companies used to make for our rockets and military communications satellites are now made largely by Russian companies, and, back in August, Russia considered banning the sale of them to us. Russia will likely consider that again. Ditto for some necessary helicopter parts. Where are we gonna get those . . . now that America doesn’t make things anymore? We don’t make anything right now that’s even close to the specifications of the RD-180 rocket engines we buy from Russia”  and of course, we can’t get into space without Russia. But even if Obama doesn’t care about space, he should care about military communications satellite. I guess his brilliant advisers, like Crazy Uncle Joe, missed that part.

By: Rev JC




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