ABC Reporter Comes Unhinged Over Trump’s UN Speech Suggesting it Borders on “War Crime” (Video)


ABC’s Terry Moran seems to have lost his mind following President Donald Trump’s UN speech going so far as to suggest his remarks on destroying North Korea’s border on committing a “war crime.”

A speech where the leader of a nation that has been threatened with nuclear annihilation promises to destroy the enemy is now teetering on being a war crime?! Let that stew for a minute.

According to Moran’s logic, Trump shouldn’t say anything hostile towards North Korea. He should just sit back, act presidential and let the Fat Kid threaten the United States, fire missiles and potentially strike us and our allies.

The Leftist media, aside from being completely unhinged since Trump’s victory, is growing more dangerous by the day.

The language they, as well as politicians and pundits, have been using has resulted in countless acts of violence by their devout followers. It has gotten so bad that one fatally stabbed two people on a train in Portland, and the other tried to shift the balance of power in Congress in Alexandria!

Moran is adding fuel to that fire, because all the nut jobs on the Left will hear is “Trump is dangerous, he wants to start a nuclear war, he is committing treason, guilty of war crimes,” where someone is going to act out to stop him…. just like in Alexandria.

If ANYTHING happens to this President, all hell is going to break loose.

Liberals, you better start policing yourselves before one of your own does something very stupid.


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