Absolute Insanity! A Federal Court In California Ruled That A High School Can Ban ‘Incendiary’ US Flag Shirts?


In May 2010 five students at Live Oak High School in the San Francisco California were sent home for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Most shocking is that a federal court said the school officials made the right decision for disciplining the patriotic students. Disciplining? For wearing an American flag on their shirt?

Apparently, there was fear the American-flag shirts would enflame Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday, and ordered the students to either turn the shirts inside out or go home for the day.

While I can understand the schools concern for tension between the Latino and White students, I would think there is a better way to resolve this rather than infringe on the students Constructional rights which resulted in racial favoritism which will not help the racial tension at all!

By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%


Source: FOX News reported: Federal Court Rules High School Can Ban ‘Incendiary’ US Flag Shirts


  1. OMG! Cinco de mayo isn’t even a holiday in Mexico!!! TEACH HISTORY TO OUR STUDENTS!! ITS NOT A ACTUAL HOLIDAY!!!


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