Actor Mark Duplass Apologizes for Pro-Ben Shapiro Tweet After Brutal Attack From Liberal Fans (Video)


He dared to inspire open conversation with the ‘other side’, and his own turned on him with such hatred and rage that he was forced to delete the offending tweet and grovel for forgiveness. He practically claimed temporary insanity as the reason for daring to suggest that a conservative could be a nice person.

The fans and friends of screen actor and avowed Liberal Mark Duplass went ballistic Wednesday when he tweeted an invitation for them to check out conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. The response from his fans was brutal with them lashing out saying that Shapiro is nothing but a misogynic, trans-phobic, hate-peddling white supremacist.

To his disgrace, Duplass even dared to describe Shapiro as a “genuine person” who “doesn’t bend the truth” and whose “intentions are good.”

The livid reactions came in droves making Duplass’ name trend on Twitter, and he eventually had to delete the tweet.

Haunted by the experience, Duplass posted an apology on Thursday, summing up the experience as a “disaster on many levels.”

Shapiro fired back, “So in 24 hours I apparently went from being a person with good intentions to a racist sexist bigot. Twitter toxifies any attempt to cross the aisle. There’s no conservative Mark could have recommended who wouldn’t receive the same blowback.”

Since apologizing, a different set of critics have mocked Duplass for being shamed into deleting the pro-Shapiro message.

After all, Duplass is inexcusably both white and male, making him a racist.

This guy applauded Duplass’s open-minded instinct, but said conservative don’t deserve it.

From the right, the reactions were disappointment.

Steven Crowder – who interviewed Duplass in 2017, after the actor instigated a campaign to bring Trump supporters and Democrats into a single, honest conversation recalled that Duplass had done the same to him.

Glenn Beck praised Duplass for at least attempting, if unsuccessfully, to seek unity.

Taking a sharper tone, Eric Weinstein, the mathematician and economist who half-jokingly coined the term “Intellectual Dark Web,” highlighted what’s at stake with Duplass’ capitulation.

He also offered a challenge to Duplass and his angry followers.

Could you imagine what they would have done to Duplass if he had said that in public, they would have lynched him.

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