Adam Schiff threatens to file ethics charges against Republicans that barged into closed proceeding


The so called “formal” impeachment inquiry that Adam Schiff is running in an effort to remove President Trump from office is anything but formal, and that has a great many republicans irked.

On Capitol Hill this morning, outside of a small secure room in the bowels of The Beltway, House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been interviewing witnesses in relation to this latest push to impeach President Trump.  Those in attendance are not allowed to speak to the public about what they experience within that room, with Schiff retaining the right to choose whatever information goes public – oftentimes in the form of a select leak that makes the president look bad.

This secrecy has garnered criticism from taxpayers and politicians alike, with a number of prominent Republicans marching this morning to the doors of Schiff’s secret meeting room in protest.

Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee were ejected from the room after entering without authorization.

They wanted access, arguing the witness, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper, is under the Armed Services panel’s jurisdiction.

“Now we are being threatened with ethics violations,” Rep. Michael Waltz, a Florida Republican, said after leaving the room. “We, as sitting members of Congress, with jurisdiction over the witness, and over military aid, are being threatened.”

Now, Adam Schiff is threatening to take disciplinary action against them.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reportedly threatened to file ethics complaints against House Republicans who stormed the hearing room where a Defense Department official was testifying as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Laura Cooper, a senior official who oversees Ukraine policy, arrived Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill to appear before the House panels conducting the investigation. Shortly afterward, more than two dozen Republican House members held a news conference outside the secure room in the Capitol where the deposition was taking place.

The Republicans decried that the deposition was happening behind closed doors and said Americans should be able to read the transcripts of any interviews being conducted as part of impeachment.

Republicans then walked into the meeting unannounced, and the deposition was put on hold. The two sides were trying to resolve the standoff, Republicans who left the meeting said.

Rep. Andy Biggs announced the possibility via Twitter.

American taxpayers are growing restless with the “secret” impeachment hearings, believing that, once again, the Deep State is at play in some sub basement of the Capitol.