After Bashing Trump For ‘Disrespecting’ Women, Anderson Cooper And Megyn Kelly’s SCANDALOUS Skeletons Surface


Donald Trump has been at war with mainstream media since he did away with their false narrative and politically correct reporting, added to the fact that he’s called them all liars and deceivers who are unable to report factual, unbiased news.

Because of that, and his unexpected, and unprecedented ability to win over the American people and become the Republican presidential candidate, they have joined forces in a smear campaign the likes of which have never been seen.

Rather than report on Hillary Clinton’s many transgressions while Secretary of State, and the thousands of incriminating emails that Wikileaks has been releasing, they are still clinging to the now infamous video between him and Billy Bush.

Lady Liberty at Fury News said that in an ironic twist, every single person that has come out to smear Trump has some video audio, or photographic skeleton hidden in their not so-private-closet. And unfortunately for Cooper, he has quite a little scandal of his own, and in the video below you’ll see his startling hypocrisy unfold.

YouTube video courtesy of Hende Cam

Another huge hypocrite who needs to be brought front and center is the “squeaky clean” little Megyn Kelly, who appeared on the Howard Stern show to talk about penis sizes. Yep that sure doesn’t objectify anyone. Enjoy!

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites… I guess they forgot about this period in their lives. It does not feel too good to have your past brought up does it Anderson and Megyn.



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