Al Sharpton Threatens Kid Rock Over Confederate Flag… Here’s His BRUTAL Response [Video]


Al Sharpton and his organization the National Action Network are demanding that Southern rocker Kid Rock denounce the Confederate flag.


Members of the Detroit based civil rights group are demanding that Kid Rock denounce the flag publicly and remove all signs from his likeness, and they are threatening to remove his name from an art exhibit that he actually funded at the Detroit Historical Museum if he refuses, America’s Freedom Fighters reported.

Kid Rock has used the rebel flag in his concerts and videos for years, and he is refusing to bow to the politically correct frenzy brought on by the Charleston church shooting by Dylann Roof.


According to the Detroit Free Press, a dozen or so members of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network held a protest Monday in front of the museum, where there are no Confederate flags, to target an exhibit that bears Kid Rock’s name.

Rev. Charles Williams II, the president of NAN’s Michigan Chapter and a pastor at a local church said, “the hometown hero who is a zero with the Confederate flag.”

The group’s political director Sam Riddle asked, “How in the hell can Kid Rock represent Detroit and wave that flag just generating millions and millions in ticket sales — a flag that represents genocide to most of Detroit?”


Kipp Jones at Breitbart reports:

This is not Kid Rock’s first run-in with opposition over his fondness for flying the southern symbol.

After receiving the Great Expectations Award from the Detroit NAACP in 2011, the artist called the honor “by far the coolest award I’ve received.”

Despite his enthusiasm, members of the organization boycotted Rock for displaying the flag at shows.

He responded to the DFP at the time, saying, “Everybody knows where I stand and what I’m about… It’s not about hatred or being a racist. I like Southern rock music, and a lot of people died under that flag for beliefs they had, right or wrong. But it stands for rebel, and my love of Southern rock.” (H/T All News Pipeline)



Here’s a video where Megyn Kelly delivers a message for Kid Rock.

HT to my good friends at America’s Freedom Fighters

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  1. It’s time to drag Mr. Sharpton to the closest Victims of Communism Memorial and make him learn what his actions are capable of doing and WHY the West fought the Cold War. We don’t need a Melanistic Stalin.

  2. Al Sharpton is n Preacher! He has never, ever taken any course of study that any and all real Minister, Preachers and true people leading their flocks towards GOD! He is a known criminal who has been sued time and again for lying and slandering true Americans! He is a recognized Con-man who has millions of $$ in Court ordered judgments against him. And, the IRS has millions of $$$ in income tax liens against him. The current President has issue a stand down order to the top bosses of the IRS to leave hi good friend, Al Sharpton alone! These heads of the IRS were appointed to their jobs by this President. Two phonies holding hands together. Check it out. These is information that is already published.

  3. Demand? Well Al, how about demanding your peeps to act like peeps instead of poops. You think kid rock’s gonna bow to you….oh shit man you don’t know kid rock. There’s a dozen million more who feel the same way as kid rock.

  4. Sharpton is a black raciest sob all him out for is the money and takes it from poor black folks if their something in it for him he will be there the flag got noting to do with anything its just a flag the media has made all this happen to have most to talk about and cause bad feeling between us.

  5. Kiss My [email protected]# Sharpton. A bag of wind who feels he has authority over white people. Think again and reconsider where you want to take this cause push will come to shove. Your racist rhetoric is gonna start a war and God will not be on your side

  6. I think its time to remove the name Martin Luther King fre all public property because its racist and offensive.

    • But if you ever look at the part of town that streets named “Martin Luther King” are located, you’ll see it is very appropriate.

  7. I Believe in all our history I love the rebel flag and if they are the president and Al Sharpton I want to take down all Believe in all our history I love the rebel flag and if they are the president and Al Sharpton I want to take down all Confederate stuff then they need to take down all Martin Luther King and black history stuff all Confederate stuff then they need to take down all Martin Luther King and black too . I don’t think anyone should bring any more kids into this country this world because of what is coming to. By taking God out of everything , taking away our heritage and history , trying to take away our freedom , and our privacy . So what’s left our lives , what’s next from our President considering he’s taking everything else.

    • The Confederate Flag represents hate and slavery of the Negro People in the USA. The Confederacy is now a dead issue. Only thing left of the Confederacy is its history. And, the descendants of those that fought for it and died for it. There are the memorials, the statutes and the graves. A large group of hate filled people that was once a minority have taken the lead using terror, murder, instilling fear in those that are the children of the dead Confederacy. Question if there is an answer: If the Flag of the Confederacy depicts Hate. So, it is banned. What does the Flag of the Black Panther Party represent? How about the Flag of the ISIS movement? The religion of peace that have sworn to chop the heads off every human, man, woman and child who was not born as Sharia Law orders? These two flags are available anywhere. The Confederate Flag is banned? And, now I am seeing post of this same group of use to be minorities, are stomping all over the Flag of the United States. I realize that I am not the brightest candle glowing in the night window. Am I missing something?

  8. need to get rid of Sharpton! all he does is promote hate and stir up trouble….everything doesn’t have to be race issue but with him it ends up there..i think hes the biggest racist of all

  9. On Al Sharpton
    He is a Disgrace to his Race! He does nothing to promote them and everything to hold them in racism! He is a Divider! And Sadly those who follow him, as if he were helping them, seem to not have a clue, that he develops hatred in them, then feeds it at every opportunity. Then uses their hatred to further divide people so he may continue to profit from the whole process! He is NO Reverend. A Reverend would preach the Love of Jesus Christ, not this man’s hate. A Reverend would not spew his hatred toward others, while taking them with him down such a detrimental path. He is truly a Misguided Soul. Who unfortunately for them has way too many blind followers being lead like sheep! All peoples of his race are Much Better than he! Perhaps someday, hopefully, they will see more clearly his self-centered plan and Shun this Poison from their ranks!
    That about sums up my view on the Race Baiting, AL (“It’s all the White Man’s fault”) SHARPTON. And Shame on the ignorant network that gave him a show. Too me that shows their ignorance as an active participant in the ways of this Fraud…I’ve Blocked that channel from our line up. Oh, while I’m at it, I feel the exact same way about his Buddy in Crime, Jesse Jackson. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, whose coat tails they so distortedly ride, would be totally ashamed of both of them!!! As the rest of the world should be…

  10. mankind is so shallow and ignorant, i often wonder why God Almighty has put up with us for this long. instead of all this hate we should all look to the Heavens and Praise Him for his MERCY AND GRACE, HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND FOR SENDING HIS SON JESUS TO DIE SO THAT WE MIGHT BE SAVED. instead “mankind” (his creation) insists on remaining shallow and ignorant. and it is in all colors……….come on people I for one am embarrassed for ALL of us.

  11. Al Racist Sharpton and the agenda of fist fucking America has little to do with the flag if anything at all . He is in bed with haters of America that are trying desperately to cover their deeds through tyranny . They have perpetrated unto the people the highest expressions of racial hatred America has ever seen . He nor his cohorts are looking for peace ,but yet are spreading disdain in hopes of inciting a race war . The banks and corrupt government that sponsor his vile would profit greatly from social unrest to the point being issued in . They have no concern toward any color other than absolute power and mammon . The flag and historical markers are just another attempt to break open wounds that “They have inflicted themselves ” Because there no problems . Washington , the banking and the corrupt have done nothing to curb the drugs in the streets , To fix the ghettos or to offer free education . They have . Destroyed the truths . Raped and beaten justice . Promoted violence as well paid others to incite the latest racial conflicts of Ferguson & Baltimore . While people like Obama & Hillary Clinton never answer for the deaths in Benghazi lost emails or crime in political office . Catherine Sebelius .Lois Lerner ,the justice department in the IRS targeting scandal . Fast & furious Eric Holder . Or the ongoing trail of tyranny , deceit , socialism and degeneration of this nation pushing forth . And the Trans pacific trade . We need the jobs the last two assholes have sent over seas . The people need the factories back to work . And America -Everyone needs to see undermining of society for what it is . It has nothing to do with our history . But everything to do with our future !

    • This race baiting tax evasion super criminal needs to be buried under a Federal Prison! But, his good buddy, Barack Ovomit is in the position to protect his sorry hateful Ass. The Donald may be able to end this piece of F’ing stealing low-life animal.


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