ALERT: Islamic State Posts Video Shooting Down Russian Airliner – Russia Considering NUCLEAR Strike (Video)


In response to the Russian civilian airliner that was shot down in the Sinai in Egypt, which the Islamic State is claiming responsibility, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by IS.


Photo of the Russian airliner moments before it blew up. There were no survivors after it crashed in Egypt’s Sinai.


Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hot-spots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

 Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intentions on using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.


A meeting of allied nations and Russia was held in Teheran within hours of the downing of the civilian passenger airliner in the northern Sinai- in which media reports have said that there was no in-climate reported at the time of the crash and witnesses on the ground claim a line of smoke went from the ground in the direction of the airliner before the ground to air missile hit the airliner. SITE has reported that a video purportedly made by either ISIS supporters or ISIS themselves that shows the downing of the airliner. The White House has declined to make a statement about this incident and the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons. However, the Kremlin says the use of nuclear weapons is justified to protect its citizens and its interests, namely helping to sustain the government of Bashar Al-Assad and keeping the its allies in power in Iraq and Iran, which are considered allies to Russia. Their common interest in destroying ISIS motivates them to work together.

 However, the US has stated its fears that deploying nuclear weapons near the region would spur an nuclear arms race in other nations in the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the nations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Sunni Muslim nations located in the Persian Gulf region, which have aided in the creation of ISIS and continue to support it like the way they supported Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War (2003-2011). Both the US and the UN are concerned that the conflict in the region could lead into a wider conflict, possibly a world war.

(multiple intel reports concerning the downing of the Russian civilian airliner in northern Sinai, ISIS’ purported claim of responsibility and Russia’s official response).


The Islamic state in Egypt released this video stating that they caused the crash of the Russian airliner with 224 passengers all dead.

HT Clark Orwell, Live Leak


  1. ISIS, who has been getting their butt kicked by Russia, stops a nuclear attack and warns the world that they are the victims? If Russia wanted to drop some nukes on ISIS they either would’ve already or they wouldn’t get caught so easily. For all the threats ISIS has issued to the world telling us we don’t stand a chance against them they are sure showing what a bunch of pussies they are when the US is not their to back them up!

    • This is different, Russia only recently started it’s attack on them. This is a game change, and now Russia can use ‘tactical’ nukes to decimate them.

  2. what is the use in nuking the places where Mr Putin has said that ISIS people are when we all know that most of them are in Europe already thanks to the so-called leaders of the Europe pact They have let them all get safety inside the European countries

  3. NATO Will destroy Russia China and Iran before they can even launch any systems. The combined NATO alliance Forces and the all the actual combat experience gained over the last 2 decades out ways the enemy 10 fold. Add up all Russia and China’s entire forces and compare it to the whole of NATO. M.A.D! they will unite against ISIS and all Islamic extremism, this is the enemy created by the “Elite” to form the NWO’s planetary military alliance. After this has happened they will focus on a new illusionary threat such as Asteroids or even Hostile ET.

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