Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorses “Right to Migrate” in Inaugural Address


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered an inaugural address in her Congressional District on Saturday afternoon, which included a swearing-in-ceremony. She spoke of a “right to migrate” that she would fight to implement on a policy level in Washington, referencing the concept in passing with several other progressive policy proposals.

When it comes to our right to health care, our right to migrate, our right to live, our right to be paid a dignified wage, we will not take no for an answer.

A supposed ‘right to migrate’ could be similarly compared to the Green New Deal in being a massively unprecedented and unrealistic policy proposal. Millions of people apply for immigration visas to enter the United States every year, and the right Ocasio-Cortez references would presumably mandate that all of them be allowed to immigrate to the country.

This would leave the United States with truly massive annual levels of migration, easily surpassing the record-setting immigration totals to the country since the year 2000. It’s possible that recognizing a right to migrate as Ocasio-Cortez alluded to would result in hundreds of millions of people migrating to the United States from poor countries.

One could easily call the “right to migrate” simply a more honest and frank way of expressing a political preference for open borders, Big League politics reported.

Breitbart reports:

Defending the Green New Deal after she and her office botched the rollout to much ridicule this week, the Democratic-Socialist claimed that the “Green New Deal is the legislation of indigenous communities in the United states” and many others.

“The Green New Deal is the legislation of the residents of Flynt. The Green New Deal belongs to the people of Puerto Rico. The Green New Deal belongs to the coal miners in West Virginia,” she continued. “It belongs to the victims of wildfires in California.”

She accused President Donald Trump of holding Americans “hostage” during the government shutdown and took pride in helping defeat his plans to get full funding for his border wall. Though she did not yell like former NBA player Kevin Garnett, Ocasio-Cortez said that “anything is possible” when “we center our communities and allow them to lead.”

Ocasio-Cortez, who voted against keeping the government open because the spending bill gave additional funds to the Department of Homeland Security, said the “dignity of immigrants, a living wage, an economic and ecological future” are “not up for negotiation.”

A day after cheering Amazon’s decision to not build its additional headquarters in New York, Ocasio-Cortez did not namecheck the company. But she spoke about how Americans can have both “economic growth” and “social dignity.”

She insisted that New Yorkers should should have “dignified jobs” and “not have to settle for scraps in the greatest city in the world.”

“And we will not take no for an answer for dignity for working people in the United States of America,” she said.

Ocasio-Cortez also told those in the audience to get more involved in politics and their communities so they “can make the right thing popular.”

“When it comes to our right to health care, our right to migrate, our right to live, our right to be paid a dignified wage, we will not take no for an answer,” Ocasio-Cortez said days after amnesty groups cheered her vote against the spending bill to keep government open.