America Enjoys Massive SCOTUS Ruling Win Thanks to Trump


From the moment that Donald Trump stepped onto the political scene, one of his main focuses has been on much-needed immigration reform here in America.

While the issue is certainly a complex one, Trump has taken a simple approach to begin:  Build a wall.  That wall would not only make certain that those reaching our borders would be forced to enter through legal, safe ports of entry, but it would severely effect the ability of those ne’er-do-wells who look to exploit our border for their nefarious gains.

You’re not going to find too many cartel kingpins strolling through customs, right?

Now, after years of “resistance” on his wall, President Trump has made some official progress.

The Supreme Court on Friday cleared the way for the Trump administration to use $2.5 billionfrom the Department of Defense to construct parts of a wall along the southwestern border that the government argues is necessary to protect national security.

The decision allows the Defense Department money to be spent now while a court battle plays out over whether the government had the authority to divert funds that were not appropriated for the wall. The Supreme Court voted 5-4, along ideological lines, to allow the funds to be used while the court appeals proceed.

In a brief order, the court said that it was ruling in favor of the Trump administration before the litigation has played out because the government had made a “sufficient showing” that the challengers did not have the legal right to bring the case.

The decision comes not a minute too soon, as an incredible surge of illegal immigration on the southern border of the US has blossomed into a full blown humanitarian crisis.