America Says F*CK YOU Back To Seth Rogen: ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie BOMBS


The movie “Steve Jobs” didn’t just bomb this weekend, it literally BOMBED. Although director Danny Boyle’s biopic premiered in nearly 2,500 theaters, and Deadline predicted it would clear around $12 million, by Monday the $30 million film – closer to $60 million with distribution costs – will bottom out at a mere $7 million.


It was not suppose to be like this. Not even close.

This movie should have been a box office hit.

First there was the pedigree: an Oscar-winning director, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, and a biopic subject who is also a national brand.

Then there is the track record: just five years ago “The Social Network,” a similar film about a similar subject written by the same Aaron Sorkin, opened to $22.4 million.  On top of that, in limited release, “Steve Jobs” was nearly breaking records. (HT John Nolte, Breitbart)

The good jujul was apparently broken when the film’s star, Seth Rogen, the guy who was supposed to provide some box office insurance, launched a profanity-laced attack against Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, an attack many saw as race-based.

Two weeks ago, just before the film’s public relations campaign was gearing up for its national release – and Oscar grab – Rogen fired off a hateful tweet, “Fuck you @realBenCarson.”  Rogen claimed he was angry at Carson for suggesting that German Jews would have been able to fight the Nazis had the government not confiscated their firearms in advance of the Holocaust.


The backlash against Rogen and “Steve Jobs” was immediate and intense. Many people used their social media accounts to call for a boycott of the film.


Last week, Rogen told the Daily Beast that he has been bothered by some of Carson’s recent comments about guns, including Carson saying that the Holocaust might have been “greatly diminished” if German Jews had been armed. The retired neurosurgeon also stirred controversy by saying that the victims of the Oregon college shooting should have attacked the gunman, citing a robbery that he witnessed at a Popeyes restaurant in the 1980s.  

“They implied that if their [right-wing] politics were applied to the Holocaust, that Jews wouldn’t have been killed,” Rogen said. “To me, it wasn’t just about the Holocaust thing. It was about the [Oregon] shooting and how he said that people shouldn’t just stand there and let themselves get shot, and that the correct thing to do if someone has a gun in your back is to point them at someone else and have them go rob that person?”

“I mean, I just read a lot of the stuff this guy was saying, and he seemed like someone that I just detested,” Rogen continued. “At face value, what he’s said is absolutely despicable. That guy is totally f—ing bonkers.”

John Nolte, Breitbart reported:

The racism charge against Rogen is not without merit. Carson is a black Republican, Rogen is a white Democrat. Going back to the days of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow, white Democrats have attacked and attempted to intimidate black people who “don’t think right,” who defiantly stand up for their civil rights and threaten the Democrat power structure.

Democrats and their DC media allies vehemently disagree with Carson’s strong stance in favor of his Second Amendment civil rights. While Democrats can no longer use German Shepherds and fire hoses like their ideological brethren did 50 years, today they use social media to destroy black people who stray from the Liberal Thought Plantation.

With Emily Blunt’s “Sicario,” “Steve Jobs” is now the second film this month to under-perform in the wake of one of its left-wing stars hurling partisan insults.


  1. Rogen will buy trouble for the rest of us, especially those of us who do not qualify for aliyah via the JAI in North America.

  2. Jew – weapons = soap, pillowfill, lampshades…

    Jew + weapons = ZH”l, State of Israel, general blessing to humanity despite the petroleum overslimed press.

    Oh, wait! It’s in this weeks parasha, Lekh Lkha


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