Americans Can Be Arrested For Saying This One Word To Muslims


Although no other religion is protected from the same censure, it has now become abundantly clear that it is a hate crime to speak critically about Muslims.

Post cartoons that are critical of Muslim’s, or make derogatory comments about Mohammad on Facebook and risk a ban.

Truth Uncensored reported that the Saudis have spent billions building up bases in the United States with 80% of the mosques build in America being Saudi funded. And now, $32 billion more of the kingdom’s brand of Islam will be spent censoring all criticism of Islam.  

The offending word punishable with arrest if said to a Muslim, I say this only because this is the first instance I have heard of this happening: TERRORIST. 


WWLP reported:

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A Ludlow resident was arrested last week, after he allegedly called his neighbor a “terrorist” and then barricaded himself inside his home.

Ludlow Police Sgt. David Belanger told 22News that Jose Ortiz was arrested last Tuesday. Belanger said that Ortiz’s neighbor, a man of Turkish origin, was leaving his house with his two young children, when Ortiz began calling him a “terrorist” and other names. He said that this has been an ongoing problem between Ortiz and the victim, who lives next to one another in a duplex, especially when Ortiz has been drinking.

The police were called, and once they got there, Belanger says Ortiz locked himself inside, preventing the officers and his girlfriend (who also lives there) from entering. The suspect’s girlfriend gave police permission to take down the door, and once Ortiz was informed of this, Belanger says the suspect opened the door, but ran into another room.

Belanger said that Ortiz refused to cooperate with police, and after talking to the victim and the suspect’s girlfriend, Ortiz was arrested on several charges, including disturbing the peace, obstruction of justice, and interfering with a person’s civil rights.

It’s perfectly understandable for the police to arrest a person for resisting arrest, but why were they arresting Ortiz in the first place, for calling his neighbor a terrorist? The only initial misconduct that was mentioned by Belanger was that Ortiz had offended his neighbor with his name calling.

Although Ortiz had been drinking, police didn’t charge him with public intoxication. Instead, they charged him with “interfering with a person’s civil rights.”

This odd charge is found deep within the Legal Information Institute’s codes, and it is defined as the following:

‘If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire or go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another, for the purpose of depriving, either directly or indirectly, any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws, or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws; or for the purpose of preventing or hindering the constituted authorities of any State or Territory from giving or securing to all persons within such State or Territory the equal protection of the laws; or if two or more persons conspire to prevent by force, intimidation, or threat, any citizen who is lawfully entitled to vote, from giving his support or advocacy in a legal manner, toward or in favor of the election of any lawfully qualified person as an elector for President or Vice President, or as a Member of Congress of the United States; or to injure any citizen in person or property on account of such support or advocacy; in any case of conspiracy set forth in this section, if one or more persons engaged therein do, or cause to be done, any act in furtherance of the object of such conspiracy, whereby another is injured in his person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right or privilege of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.’

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  1. Maybe they charged him according to the called in complaint, or just maybe, they found a ridiculous charge that will likely be tossed.

  2. Sounds like he was certainly harassing the Turkish man. Imagine walking out of your home and constanly have a neighbor calling you inflammatory names.


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