America’s First Legal Cannabis Restaurant Opening In Los Angeles


Since recreational marijuana became legalized in California in 2016 the pot business has been developing allowing entrepreneurs to take advantage of the relatively new law.

Although it is still illegal to smoke weed in public, the city of West Hollywood came up with a new way to utilize recreational weed by creating a licensing process to allow cannabis restaurants.

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, will be the country’s first legal cannabis restaurant that will be opening on October 1. They selected a rooftop location in West Hollywood where they will serve “farm-to-table restaurant highlighting cuisine and cannabis.”

Since state law prohibits the consumption of cannabis and alcohol on the same site, the restaurant will have to be alcohol-free.

The Guardian reported that neighbors expressed concern about the pungent smell of marijuana coming from the restaurant but the director explained that Lowell Cafe will have an ‘advanced air filtration system’ to ensure the smell doesn’t escape.

So far, the restaurant’s owners have not been cleared legally to serve fresh food infused with cannabis as there is no state health regulation permitting it, but they have been able to secure approvals for both food and weed consumption in one location.

There will be ‘budtenders’ who will greet customers and help them navigate menus of joints, bong service, dab rigs and other cannabis treats, the Guardian reported.

To help people pick their products, there will be “doting ‘Flower Hosts’” for table-side service, where the sommelier-adjacent guides will explain each strain and its potency and effects, all while rolling your smoke for you.

By offering both food and cannabis products, Lowell Cafe will set itself apart from existing ‘lounges’ and clubs where people can gather and smoke. No doubt, it will quickly become a hot spot for cannabis enthusiasts, even without alcohol being served.

The kitchen will be managed by Chef Andrea Drummer, trained at Le Cordon Bleu, who has created a menu to accompany the cannabis strains offered at the cafe. The California-inspired menu has dishes “meant to complement the heightened senses from cannabis consumption.” Guests will be able to choose from dishes like grilled peaches and burrata, crispy brussels sprouts or a fried chicken sandwich.

Cannabis consumers have had to kind of be closeted. To be able to engage in and consume in a space with like-minded people and not have it be secret and not feel judged, I think it’s an exceptional concept.

Chef Andrea Drummer

Being that this is the first of its kind in the country, Lowell Cafe has some rules that patrons must be abide by. Although it is open until 2 a.m., there will be a “last call” for cannabis products at 9:50 p.m. However, if you wish to smoke later, you can “preorder” and smoke until the cafe closes.

Guests must be aged 21 or older to enter and will need identification. The restaurant only takes cash for cannabis products, although you can pay for food or drink with a credit or debit card.

The cafe will also feature a “dispensary” area where guests can pick up take-homes like edibles, vapes, concentrate and bud.

Ready for your first visit? Lowell Farms will offer reservations via its website.

Photographs: Courtesy Lowell Farms