Andrew Cuomo insists we didn’t have natural disasters before ‘climate change’ (Video)


Democrats refuse to let this “climate change” thing go anytime soon. They’re in too deep, at this point. They’ve struck a nerve with the politically uninformed involving conservatives killing the planet, and they are going to drive that point home until the end of time.

What’s great is that liberals can no longer talk about the polar bear population being in decline. The animal’s were the poster child for the ridiculous movement for a good while. But it was recently learned that their numbers are on the rise. Go figure.

Check out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a raging far-left Democrat if there ever was one, who may have just given us the quote of the year…

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed climate change for damaging floods in upstate New York, and claimed that natural disasters didn’t happen before climate change.

“Ali, anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point,” Cuomo told MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi. ” We have seen in the State of New York and we have seen — it is something we never had before.”

Don’t forget, Ocasio-Cortez has told us many times over that the earth won’t last much longer if it keeps getting hotter outside – LOL. If these Democrats can’t find something to whine about it’s as if they’re not happy. But they’re never happy, so…

[email protected], near tears: My dreams of motherhood “now tastes bittersweet” because of global warming

Yet she flew to Denmark on a jet instead of doing the eco-friendly Skype-in? That’s consistent.

I’m assuming she flew to Copenhagen on unicorn farts (no methane in those, gang. Relax.)

“I cried on the entire flight to Copenhagen just thinking about it.”

How did @AOC get to Copenhagen? Also, please don’t have kids. You’ve ruined enough of them already, you don’t need to ruin one more.

She also could have spoken to them via video instead of increasing the carbon in the environment by flying there. What a hypocrite! #crocodiletears