Andrew Yang’s campaign slammed DNC for debate disqualification

Andrew Yang has confirmed that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has rejected a poll he submitted to qualify for the presidential debate in September, and his supporters are crying foul play.

The tech entrepreneur, who is running on a platform that mixes ideas from the left and the right with some skepticism about robots, told his followers that the DNC had rejected his second poll after he submitted the fourth one, showing that he had more than the two percent of support needed to qualify for the debates.

The committee said that the two polls provided by the candidate – a July 11 poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal and a July 19 poll by NBC and SurveyMonkey – would only be counted as one.

“Candidates may only count one NBC-sponsored national poll released during the current qualification period,” Mary Beth Cahill, DNC senior adviser, explained in an email, as quoted by The Hill.

“We disagree with the DNC decision and are disappointed with the ruling,” Yang’s campaign manager Zach Graumann said in a statement. He insisted that Yang “has qualified for the fall debates” due to NBC News being among the organizations approved by the DNC.

“It is frustrating to see the rules be changed mid-game, but our campaign has overcome every obstacle placed in our path, and we will continue to upset the establishment well into 2020,”Graumann said.

Yang’s supporters were also quick to show their anger at the treatment of their candidate by the DNC, with many comparing the situation with the 2016 primaries.