‘ANONYMOUS’ Calls For Justice In Murder Of LaVoy Finicum, Issues CHILLING Message To FBI

‘ANONYMOUS’ Calls For Justice In Murder Of LaVoy Finicum, Issues CHILLING Message To FBI

The hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ has released a video calling for justice in the murder of rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum and for the identification of the FBI agents who shot the protester who was clearly surrendering with his hands in the air.


The alleged Anonymous video was sent exclusively to News2Share online media outlet, based in Washington DC, early Sunday morning by an individual claiming to be a member of the Anonymous hacker community, RT reports.

The professionally edited clip consists of the police helicopter footage of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum being killed by the government, scenes of armed men occupying Malheur National Wildlife refuge in Oregon talking to the FBI agents, the leader of protesters Ammon Bundy and other footage related to the standoff. A distorted male voice reads an alleged Anonymous message to the US authorities and citizens.

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The video was sent to News2Share along with a transcript, but no further information:

“The FBI claim they want peace in Oregon but they have created the opposite.

Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and the others only wanted peace. They even met with the FBI face to face.

And yet Finicum was killed in cold blood, as his hands were in the air. Just as Anonymous called for justice in the killing of Michael Brown we call for justice now.

The FBI has the weapons but they do not have the heart. It is time for Anonymous to engage.

We do not call for violence, or armed uprising. We call for Anonymous members to spread this fight online. Every citizen of the United States must hear our call. We want the identity of every agent who fired their weapon that day. We want justice for LaVoy. We stand with Ammon Bundy.

This fight is not over. As patriots sit in jail and await trial Anonymous will give them our full support.

When the government no longer fights for justice the internet will. We are justice.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive

We do not Forget.

We are Anonymous.”

The FBI believes at least four occupiers still remain at the Oregon Wildlife Refuge, even after the Finicum shooting. See the shooting video below.

This is the best copy when LaVoy Finicum was killed, it has been enhanced and zoomed:

HT Americas Freedom Fighters 


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