Another Obamacare Disaster: HHS Can’t Verify U.S. Citizenship Of 1.3 Million Enrollees (Illegals)


A new Department of Health and Human Services report finds that nearly 1.3 million who signed up for Obamacare through cannot verify whether or not they are in the country legally.

Conservatives warned that the Obama administration’s decision to use the so-called “honor system” for income eligibility was merely a backdoor way to get as many individuals on the public dole as possible.


A devastating new Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General report released on Tuesday reveals that the Obama administration has yet to determine whether 1,295,571 of the over 8 million Obamacare enrollees are U.S. citizens lawfully in the country.

Breitbart News reported:

The finding, located on page 11 of the report, states that 44% of the remaining 2,611,780 application “inconsistencies” are related to verifying “Citizenship/national status/lawful presence.” Another 960,492 application inconsistencies were related to verifying whether subsidy applicants provided accurate income information.

Moreover, the Inspector General report only covered the federal Obamacare exchanges to determine how the Obama administration resolved verification problems through December 2013. As for the 15 state-run Obamacare exchanges, the report says four–Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, and Massachusetts–are simply “unable to resolve inconsistencies.” has experienced one disaster after another since inception, and cost millions of tax dollars.  Identity theft and verification is a rising problem.

The heavy fines being imposed for not joining combined with high premium rates have many mom and pop company’s closing, and many American’s opting to go uninsured.

This is a far cry from what Obama and his administration touted; ‘you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ and let’s not forget the famous quote by Nancy Pelosi, ‘we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it’ … how’s that working out for you all.

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