Anti-gun New York Dem Calls For ‘Infiltration’ of NRA


Manhattan Democrat and gun grabber advocate Sen. Liz Krueger feels-‘ if you can’t beat em, join em.’

“Perhaps if we all join, we could take over that group and start a new (gun control) platform,” Krueger said. “I think we outnumber the people who are members of the NRA and are so totally opposed to any kind of rational gun laws.”



One of the biggest champions for gun control in the Empire State, State Sen. Liz Krueger, D-Manhattan, is advocating taking over the National Rifle Association from the inside.

After broaching the subject in a round table discussion with U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY, who is a fan of anti-gun legislation at a national level, Kruger repeated it for clarity to the New York Daily News.

“Perhaps if we all join, we could take over that group and start a new (gun control) platform,” Krueger said. “I think we outnumber the people who are members of the NRA and are so totally opposed to any kind of rational gun laws.”

Krueger, who in the past has advocated cutting state subsidies to historic New York’s gun manufacturer Remington and helped sandbag a move to allow Empire State residents to register to vote while getting their hunting license, earlier this year cried foul when her bill to bring mandatory gun lock laws to the state tanked in the Senate .

Founded in 1871, the NRA is the largest gun rights group in terms of membership in the country, with some five million dues-paying members on its rolls. As a reflection of that, in terms of social media followers, the group counts some 4,358,314 people on its primary Facebook page alone. Its leadership is determined in annual meetings in

which members cast ballots.

By comparison, the largest and most well-known gun control organization, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, has 904,381 Facebook followers, and does not charge for membership though will gladly accept donations.

As for concerns that enough anti-gunners would join the NRA en masse and effect a take over from the inside, morphing the group into something akin to Everytown on steroids, New York State Rifle and Pistol Club president Tom King scoffed.

“I’m not sure where they’re going to get the people from, but it’s America: if they want to join the NRA, let them join. We’ll take their money,” King laughed.

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  1. Are they really this clueless to think they really had the numbers to pull this off? WOW. Well, as already stated, the NRA would gladly welcome the added $$$’s. 😉

  2. Define what a REASONABLE gun law would be; fining retailers $6 million if some customer uses their gun in a way the retailer tells them not to? Everybody in congress knows that martial law is coming very soon, so do they think just because they don’t have guns that the enemy will not use one on them? Do they honestly believe the enemy will ignore them and respect their decision of not wanting to fight?

  3. Funny, if this idiot was really able to make this happen it would take at least a couple of years and during that time the NRA would have additional money to stop the gun grabbers and after that time all the gun owners would just leave the NRA and form another gun organization and these idiot’s would just be left with another under funded gun grabbing organization.

  4. NRA is for the people. I don’t understand how they can think for a minute that if you take our guns how is that going to keep guns out of the idiots hands that want to kill someone. Bloomberg you need to be come a Muslim and go live over there and help teach them how not to kill people lol that would be a full time job for ya. Then find a rope.

  5. All of those who think that we, the American People, should not be armed need to go live in Chicago…strip all their security guards, secret service, go to countries where Islamic terrorists are attacking and beheading innocent people… the problem with these idiots is that if they were faced with a real “killer, terrrist(s), random shooter…they would be hoping and praying for some good guy(s) with guns to take them out. Did you notice I said Pray and hope for a good guy with a gun? God, Country, Freedom, Gunrights, Speech….kind of all wrapped into one and that is exactly why people need to stand up for America and our way of life, freedoms, rights…it is time a lot more stand for truth, justice and freedom NOW.


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