Antifa Criminal Justice Professor Tells Tucker Carlson Antifa Has a Right to Beat Opponents (Video)


Mike Isaacson, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a co-founder of the Antifa organization Smash Racism D.C., appeared on Tucker Carlson on Thursday and argued that Antifa activists have the right to respond to violence with violence.

Carlson said Isaacson is “blurring the lines” between physical violence and speech with which he disagrees.

“You’re conflating violence with ideas,” Carlson said. “If I have not raised my hand to strike you, you have no right to strike me.”

He asked Isaacson if he teaches his students that the First Amendment does not apply to people they disagree with, Fox News reported.

“I teach them to think critically, and that’s why I’m very open about my anti-fascism and my anarchism,” Isaacson said, adding he has had students who were Trump supporters or members of the alt-right and he held them to the same standards as any other student.

“I don’t believe you,” Carlson fired back.

While the exchange was heated, Isaacson was clearly no match for Carlson. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post said it best.


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