AOC Drops Bombshell in Favor of Trump… Doesn’t Even Realize What She Did


We live in an unfortunate time when you have the two political parties that control the fate of the United States and the American people so at odds that one side would rather see us suffer than admit the other side has accomplished great things.

The Democrats disdain for President Trump runs so deep that no matter his accomplishments they would never pay him a compliment, let alone admit that he has done something to help the country, unless it was done in error.

Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for instance. In a recent tweet she inadvertently paid Trump a compliment when she tweeted the following:

Incredibly inspired by GM’s almost 50,000 workers for having the courage to strike for the dignified work they deserve.

In a time of record profits, workers should prosper, not suffer.

That’s why unions play a key role in an economy that works for everyone.

Solidarity w/@UAW🌹

That’s right – at a time of record profits, all thanks to President Trump.

And the reactions:

LOL .. that Trump economy is giving them more hours to work. Workers love overtime dollars, unless they’re selfish leftists who think they are share holders in their own company & ungrateful for the job.

Good job! You admitted Trump has America’s economy booming! #YayYou

“In a time of record profits…” You know, a few more blinding realizations like that and even you might be ready to abandon the Left for the enemies of our nation that they are! Of course, your GreenNewDeal would destroy all that, including the GM workers’ jobs…