Are You Likely To Get Shot If You Eat Here In The Next Week ??


Chipolte Grill

Be careful, Chipotle Mexican Grill lovers, because if you choose to eat at your local Chipotle over the course of the next week, you are highly likely to get shot. Why? Well, because Chipotlehas caved to the liberal, anarchist group “Moms Demand Action” who has demanded they ban guns from their restaurants.

Two weeks ago, Jack in the Box caved to the same group and banned guns, and only two days later, a customer at Jack in the Box was shot in the leg by a drug dealer in the parking lot. You see, only law abiding citizens obey the laws, and the criminals now have the advantage, because criminals do not obey the law, hence, why we call them criminals.

The move was made after someone took an “assault type” rifle into a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Texas. The Moms Demand Action group were outraged and began harassing the company to ban guns, even in states where they have open carry laws.

Erika Soto Lamb, a spokesperson for the anarchist group said that Chipotle’s actions were “a bold statement.” Opponents to the group feel that people are now less safe because they’ve had the ability to defend themselves from criminals, like the man who shot a Jack in the Box customer last week, taken away from them.


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