Armed Bystanders Stop Drug-Related Shootout In Walmart Parking Lot (Video)


Two brave, legally armed citizens went towards gun fire intentionally at a Walmart in Augusta Maine.


Insider Fox News reported that Police in Maine say two legally armed bystanders stepped in to stop a drug-related shootout outside a Walmart.

According to WCSH-TV shots were fired Sunday in an altercation involving four suspects in two vehicles during a suspected heroin deal in Augusta.

One of the suspects then exited their vehicle to approach the other vehicle.

That’s when two armed men approached with their own guns drawn and one of the vehicles took off, police said.

The vehicle was quickly located by police and a total of four arrests were made.

Three people from New York were taken into custody, along with one woman from Augusta. One of the male suspects suffered a graze wound during the shootout.

Despite the fact that this incident ended with no serious injuries, police advise armed citizens against intervening in this manner.

One of the bystanders, Daniel Chavanne, said that he felt he had a personal and civic responsibility to “uphold the sanctity of the community.”

“That was the moment, the situation was there and I reacted,” he said.

Watch his comments below.

Photo:  Bing

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