Armed Citizens Pull Guns, Save 90-Year-Old Man Under Attack


On December 7th a 90 year old man was saved when a man and a woman pulled out their weapons to protect him from a vicious stabbing.


Breitbart Reports:

On December 7, a man and woman pulled their self-defense handguns and stopped an attack in which a knife-welding man had allegedly knocked down a 90-year-old suspect and “was trying to stab” him.

The incident occurred in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

According to Fox 5, The woman–Karen Duncan–heard the 90-year-old gentleman screaming for help so she grabbed her gun out of her purse and came running. When neighbor Ron Childress saw Duncan running “in a panic” he grabbed his gun and ran to the house too.

Duncan was already inside, where she allegedly saw “blood and a big old knife” in the hand a man who was on top of the 90-year-old gentleman. She told him to stop and he ignored her so she changed her tactic and told him stop because she was “getting ready to shoot [him].” He cooperated at that point.

Childress then entered the room with his gun drawn and told the suspect to lie down flat on the floor with his legs and arms spread, Childress continued to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

Childress–who is former law enforcement–said he believes the 90-year-old gentleman would not be alive if Duncan had not been armed and willing to come to the rescue. He said, “You cannot protect everybody, police can’t do it, they’re good after the fact, but they’re no good to you when it happens generally. They’re not going to be there so you need to be ready to protect yourself and what happened [with the -old man] is a perfect example of how a citizen can protect other citizens.”

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  1. The only defense that a citizen has against an armed violent murdering cretin possessing a firearm is a good dedicated citizen also armed with a firearm. The only thing law enforcement can do is write a report and let the homicide experts investigate and just maybe identify the suspect for an arrest.

  2. That has New Jersey written all over it. Tape the premises, chalk the body, flag the casings, dab for DNA and dust for prints. To quote the respondents that convinced the SCOTUS to deny certiorari to DRAKE V. JEREJIAN,

    “A person wrongly killed cannot be compensated by resurrection.”

    It also means the VICTIM of criminal acts. More guns, less crime.


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