Oath Keepers Patrolling Ferguson Streets [Video]


An armed group of Oath Keepers patrolled street in Ferguson, Missouri late Monday night in military fatigues and armed with assault rifles. 

The leader of the Oath Keepers, known only as John, says the reason they are getting involved with the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is to protect people.  

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar called the group’s presence “unnecessary and inflammatory.”


The Daily Mail reports:

Armed patriots have been seen patrolling the streets of Ferguson with assault rifles in a move described by police chiefs as ‘inflammatory’.

The four men identified themselves as ‘Oath Keepers’ as they arrived in the riot-torn Missouri city early on Tuesday morning.

But the presence of the group, which describes itself as an association of current and former U.S. soldiers and police who aim to protect the U.S. Constitution, was described as ‘unnecessary’ amid high tensions.



Photos Courtesy of Bing


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