Army Ranger and Benghazi Hero Set Eric Holder Straight After He Threatened GOP Congress Against Removing Mueller

Army Ranger and Benghazi Hero Set Eric Holder Straight After He Threatened GOP Congress Against Removing Mueller

Who does Eric Holder think he is to threaten members of Congress and President Donald Trump with civil unrest…

The day after GOP congressmen grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over Mueller stacking his team of Trump investigators with Hillary Clinton donors and supporters, Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder threatened Republicans in Congress – in essence, President Donald Trump, against removing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Holder issued his threat in a tweet Wednesday morning.

“Speaking on behalf of the vast majority of the American people, Republicans in Congress be forewarned:any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.These are BS attacks on him/his staff that are blatantly political-designed to hide the real wrongdoing. Country not party,” Holder tweeted.

Army Ranger Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto was one of the heroes who lived through the hell of the Benghazi attack and he set corrupt criminal Eric Holder straight, the GP reports.

Weren’t you the only Attorney General in U.S. history to be held in contempt of congress?? And you don’t speak for me or the vast majority of the American people you POS!! Get back in your hole rat .

Paranto had this message for Mueller.

Robert Mueller .. if this was a real objective investigation of wrong doing, you’d be investigation @HillaryClinton #JamesComey @Comey & the @FBI. You’re investigation up to this point is a liberalist joke, #boughtoff by the @DNC

Mueller’s wheels are falling off. Everyone knows it. The Dems are panicking now because one by one the corrupt liberal hacks are being exposed.

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) came unhinged Friday after Mueller, Rosenstein and the team of corrupt hacks took a beating this week in a hearing.

Adam Schiff is in full panic mode and went on a tweetstorm Friday morning.

Schiff is angry that Mueller’s team is being picked apart and fears the witch hunt will be shut down. He’s also worried that after the bogus Russia investigation is shut down an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes will be opened. – The Gateway Pundit


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