As Confederate Statue Comes Down, DC Plans to Erect an 8 Foot Bronze Statue of Crack-Smoking Mayor (Video)


In Washington DC, the city council is working to remove the 27 foot tall bronze and marble statue of Confederate General Albert Pike from Judiciary Square on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Pike monument was erected in 1901, some ten years after his death. It bears these inscriptions at the eight corners of its base: Author, Poet, Scholar, Soldier, Philanthropist, Philosopher, Jurist, Orator and, in the front, Vixit Laborum Ejus Super Stites Sunt Fructus; He has lived. The fruits of his labors live after him.

Arturo de Hoyos, grand archivist for the Scottish Rite stated, “Honestly, I think that’s very unfortunate,”  “Pike was the head of a fraternal organization that brought people together.” De Hoyos explains that Pike was actually against slavery but moved to the South because he believed in states’ rights. DeHoyos lamented his reputation as a divider in a podcast he recorded in June 2017 called Defending Albert Pike

Have no fear. The DC city council is also working tirelessly to erect a new statue that truly is a more befitting and accurate representation of the true spirit that surrounds their fair city.

A statue that embodies what it really means to be a hero in DC in the form of an 8 foot bronze statue of Mayor Marion S Barry Jr. Scheduled to be unveiled on his birthday on March 6th outside the John A. Wilson building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some of Mayor Barry’s accomplishments include getting caught on video in a motel room smoking crack, possession charges, convicted of cocaine possession, lying to a grand jury, tax evasion and drunk driving.

He has been famously quoted to say “B*tch set me up!” in 1990. He was elected to his fourth term as mayor after serving his time in prison for cocaine using the campaign slogan “He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for D.C.”

I could not agree more. He certainly is perfect for DC.  If I were Albert Pike’s statue I would be very happy to leave that city.


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