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Protesters in Iran Show Support for America During Anti-Government Demonstrations

Even though the governments of the United States and Iran don’t necessarily see eye to eye very often, the people of both nations seem...

Trump Admin Diverting $7 Billion From Pentagon to Build 900 Additional Miles of Border Wall

President Trump made the American people many promises when he was a candidate and he was ridiculed by many people including a lot of...

New Jersey About to Pass Vaccine Bill Eliminating Religious Exemption

If parents want their children in public school they will need to immunize them.

Surveillance Video From Outside Epstein’s Cell During First ‘Suicide Attempt’ Deleted

Surveillance footage from outside notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell during his first alleged suicide attempt in July has been deleted, concluding an array...

McConnell Backs Senate Resolution That Could Dismiss House Impeachment Articles

Mitch McConnell may move forward without the articles of impeachment.

McConnell: Republicans Have Enough Votes To Start Impeachment Trial Under Clinton Rules

Mitch McConnell may proceed in the Senate without the articles of impeachment.

Trump Declares Iran ‘Appears To Be Standing Down,’ Announces “Punishing Sanctions” (Video)

Economic sanctions, talks with NATO being weighed about a stronger stance against Iran.

Pompeo Reveals Soleimani Was Planning ‘Eminent’ Attack to Kill Hundreds of Americans (Video)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not one to mince words, he is as straight forward as President Trump. That may very well be...

President Trump Tied With Obama For ‘Most Admired Man’ In 2019

Public support for President Trump has risen from 36 percent in 2017, to 40 percent in 2018, to 45 percent this year.

Bill de Blasio Blames Trump For Hanukkah Attack: His ‘Hateful Speech’ Emboldened Violent Forces (Video)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on Sunday's broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends,” and commented on the five people who were stabbed in...

Republican Senator ‘Disturbed’ by Mitch McConnell’s Plans for Senate Impeachment Trial

The impeachment of President Donald Trump has been one of the most partisan and unpredictable political situations our nation has ever faced. The process...

Chuck Todd Criticized Over Comments About Republican Disinformation

Since President Trump was elected in 2016 the mainstream media outlets have been very clear about their biases toward the left, but it seems...

Buttigieg Immigration Plan Calls for Accepting 125,000 Refugees In First Year As President

2020 Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg twisted history on Christmas day to make it politically correct for easily-offended 21st century Americans. Here’s his tweet… Today I...

Jill Biden Hands Out Christmas Gifts at Mexico Border Migrant Camp

There are thousands of homeless children living on the streets in the United States that would have appreciated a hot meal.

McConnell Says Pelosi Impeachment Delay Is ‘Absurd;’ Claims She’ll Back Down ‘Sooner Or Later’ (Video)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that he is not worried about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's decision to delay sending the...

Rand Paul Discovers $50 Billion In Gov’t Waste: Including $500,000 to Study Frog Mating Calls

The United States government steals so much tax money from the American people on an annual basis that they literally have no clue what...



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5 Elite FBI Agents Under Criminal Investigation For MURDER Cover-Up (Video)

So called 'conspiracy theorists' where right when we said that LaVoy Finicum was murdered. The release of the video taken from inside the car...

FBI Agents Prepare To Counter CIA Coup Against Trump (Video)

President Obama and the Democrats are taking drastic measures in an attempt to keep president-elect Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, or at...

Elections Expert: “We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible And Dead Voters On American Voter Rolls” (VIDEO)

Yesterday we learned of this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to...

USB Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld Exposes ‘Political Prostitution’ All The Way Up To President Obama (Video)

Bradley Birkenfeld, a former banker for Swiss banking giant UBS, is one of the most controversial figures in the offshore banking world.  He assisted...