Barack Obama: ‘Gays And Muslims Make Our Military Stronger’ (Video)


Listen to the remarks made by President Obama in a Commencement Address to the United States Air Force Academy on June 2. 

GOP Daily Dose reported that (BNI) Barack Hussein Obama focused his praise on gays, lesbians, and Muslim cadets, pointing to the military’s diversity.

He also singled out a female Air Force general, Lori Robinson, a woman who has never flown a plane, whom he appointed to head the Air Force in the Pacific, and now has nominated her to be first woman to lead the U.S. Northern Combat Command.

Obama said: “We’re stronger when (Muslim) cadets – like Wasim Soomro and Ismail Baumy and James Salem – know that we celebrate their service as proud, patriotic Muslim Americans who are also serving in our armed forces.” (At least until they experience Sudden Jihad Syndrome and go on a shooting spree, killing their fellow airmen)





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