Baton Rouge Agrees To Pay Black Lives Matter For Rioting


The Metropolitan Council that acts as the governing authority for the City and Parish of East Baton Rouge has decided reward Black Lives Matter rioters with a monetary award for the honor of having them wreak havoc on their city.

The crippling “protests” took place in July as a result of police having to use deadly force during the arrest of Alton Sterling as he attempted to pull a gun and kill officers, according to Blue Lives Matter.

The Advocate reports that on Tuesday, the Metro Council voted to approve the settlement with 92 Black Lives Matter conspirators totaling approximately $100,000, which adds up to $230 for each. As part of the settlement, the city will also pay “bonding fees, attorney fees and other costs”, Parish Attorney Lea Anne Batson told the Advocate.

The payout will be split between four agencies, each paying no more than $25,000 each. The four agencies are the city government, Louisiana State Police, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office.

The settlement stemmed from a federal class-action lawsuit filed by Black Lives Matter rioters claiming they were unjustly arrested, that police were “militarized and aggressive” while dealing with the rioters, and police used “unconstitutional tactics” to infringe upon their “First Amendment rights” to freedom of speech and assembly.

Apparently the city felt in awarding this payout that blocking highways and streets and viciously attacking law enforcement while doing so is also protected under the first amendment.

The settlement was approved by council in a 10-2 vote. One Metro Councilman however was understandably furious with decision. John Delgado told The Advocate, “To me, this encourages that type of behavior to happen in the future. I have no interest in paying $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to people who are coming into our city to protest.”

Many of the protesters were reportedly from out of town; believed by some to be bussed in by the Black Lives Matter organization in order to wreak havoc, which is exactly what occurred.

To add insult to injury, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III had said his office will not prosecute Black Lives Matter leader Deray Mckesson and the other Black Lives Matter rioters booked on misdemeanor counts of obstructing a highway.

Coincidentally, an un-named Baton Rouge police officer who was injured during the Juy 9th riot has filed a lawsuit against Deray Mckesson and Black Lives Matter. The lawsuit states that during the riot, the officer was struck in the face by a “rock like substance” causing injury to his jaw, brain and loss of teeth.

Deray Mckesson is accused in the suit of  “incited the violence” during the course of his involvement with Black Lives Matter and their protest. The suit goes on to describe McKesson’s roll, stating that he “was in charge of the protests and he was seen and heard giving orders throughout the day and night of the protests,” it says. “The protest turned into a riot.” 

It’s unconscionable for those of us in law enforcement to see the City of Baton Rouge buckle under the political pressure of an anti-police hate group, who not only were involved in an illegal protest in response to a justifiable use of deadly force by police, but in which its members became violent, rioted and officers were injured.

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  1. These Baton Rouge lawmakers must be insane. Paying rioters for tearing up their city sounds like reason to kick them out of office. Why would you pay someone to wreck havoc on your property and then you have to pay to rebuild? The rioters should be put in jail and costs of rebuilding and repairing damage they did divided amongst them. This liberal stuff is nonsense.


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