Benghazi Update: General Admits ‘We Didn’t Even Try To Save American Lives in Benghazi’

Benghazi Update: General Admits ‘We Didn’t Even Try To Save American Lives in Benghazi’

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In explosive testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell said bluntly about the military’s response on the night of the Benghazi attack: “The discussion is not in the ‘could or could not’ in relation to time, space and capability, the point is we should have tried,” The Daily Beast reported.

According to recently declassified documents, retired General Ham knew within minutes that our Benghazi consulate was not only under attack, but that it was a ‘terrorist’ attack.


The general is accusing the U.S. military of not even trying to save the Americans who were under attack at Benghazi in 2012.

General Ham immediately informed General Dempsey, and the two of them immediately informed Secretary Panetta, who immediately met with Obama.

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That means the attack was only an hour old and Obama knew long before ambassador Stevens and his staff were under attack by a well-armed terrorist group.

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Obama then ordered a ‘stand down’ and the no assistance be provided to the consulate staff.

Following the attack and subsequent murder of American citizens, Obama and his aides, including then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then U.N. Ambassador/now National Security Advisor Susan Rice, repeatedly lied to the public claiming attack had been the result of a protest over a YouTube video gone awry.


They lied, repeatedly.

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Obama and Hilary Clinton lied to the victims’ families, and for weeks lied to the American people all the while knowing that help was mere miles away and was told to ‘stand down.’

They then publicly apologized to the very people who orchestrated the murderous attack and saw to it the maker of the video, which fewer than 400 people ever saw, was arrested presumably under the guise of breaking his probation restrictions.


The people at the Pentagon and the people at the CIA stood back while all of this was unfolding and allowed this narrative to go on longer than they should have; they all watched them die and it went on for hours.