Bergdahl Refuses to Speak to His Family While FBI Investigates Threats Against Them


According to a Wall Street Journal story, Bowe Bergdahl has refused to speak with his family by phone, despite having been in captivity and having no contact with them for five years, I don’t know about you, but I find this highly unusual. What harm could come from speaking to them on the phone?


According to a military official, Bergdahl is being treated at a military hospital in Germany and doctors are moving slowly due to the controversy and accusations surrounding his release.

Threats against Bergdahl’s family have also been made and a welcome-home celebration in Idaho has been cancelled. The FBI is investigating and no details on the nature or the specifics of the threats have been released.

An FBI agent said this to CNN yesterday:

‘We are working jointly with our state and local partners and taking each threat seriously.’

The Bergdahl family has not been seen in public since last week’s announcement at the White House.

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