Bernie Sanders Supporters “The System is Rigged – NEVER HILLARY!”

Bernie Sanders Supporters “The System is Rigged – NEVER HILLARY!”

It’s not only Donald Trump and Republicans that are outraged over FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that he does not ‘recommend’ charges be filed against Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified material on a private, unsecured email server.

Comey’s announcement also set off a surge of anger and frustration among some of Bernie Sanders’ most die hard supporters, a vocal minority who have been agitating for an indictment of the former secretary of state in the hopes it would vault the Vermont senator to the Democratic nomination, CNN reported.

Trump and the Sanders bitter-enders had played up the possibility, pointing to what they called an “FBI convention” that would effectively block Clinton from becoming the nominee.

But with FBI Director Comey’s announcement likely closing that door, social media — including a couple high-profile Sanders backers — erupted:

There will be a lot of disenfranchised Bernie supporters looking for a place to go. Make sure you offer them a seat next to you on the #TrumpTrain.




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