Biden Promises New Government ‘Ethics’ Policy as Foreign Dealings Weigh Down 2020 Campaign


Former Vice President Joe Biden has found himself in the middle of a Democrat created scandal they are trying to use to take down President Trump, but so far, it’s done more damage to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign than it has hurt the president.

Biden burst onto the scene several months after most of his opponents – skyrocketing to the top spot within the crowded field almost instantaneously. This was, of course, his race to lose at that point – and in true Biden fashion he has not disappointed in that department.

Between President Trump keeping Biden’s name front and center of the Democrats Ukraine impeachment push, and his constant gaffes and bizarre mis-remembering of critical information, it has allowed Senator Liz Warren of Massachusetts to creep up in the polls, and she looks poised to overtake the former VP any moment.

Further trouble has come for Biden in the form the Democrats’ “formal impeachment inquiry” of the president, surprisingly, as his son Hunter’s business dealings in China and Ukraine find themselves back in the news.

In an effort to demonstrate his commitment to government ethics, the former vice president is unveiling a new policy to be undertaken by his potential administration.

Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled an ethics plan on Monday that directly targets President Trump, accusing him of creating the “most corrupt administration in modern history.” It’s a sign the Democratic presidential candidate is ramping up his defense ahead of the fourth Democratic debate in Ohio on Tuesday.

I don’t know what’s more ironic, Biden calling Trump’s transparent administration corrupt, or announcing an ‘ethics’ plan while in the middle of a firestorm of mounting evidence proving that he, and his son Hunter acted unethical and corrupt in their dealings with China and the Ukraine.

Biden is trying very hard to push back against President Trump and the mounting accusations against him and Hunter by trying to refocus the ethics debate squarely on Trump, his presidency, and his administration.

Biden’s proposal comes amid an ongoing onslaught of debunked attacks from President Trump and his GOP allies. The president has falsely said that as vice president, Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor in an effort to shield his son Hunter Biden, who was serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

There has been no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden or his son Hunter, and ousting the prosecutor was in line with U.S. and E.U. policy to encourage more investigation of corruption in Ukraine.

Much of the plan was meant to target the President specifically.

Biden called out the president by name in his plan and said that Trump has “abused the presidency to enrich himself — spending countless tax dollars at his own properties.”

Biden pledged that, if elected, he would enact a wholesale ethics reform that would prevent any future president from abusing the presidency for personal gain.

His plan attempts to limit conflicts of interests and prevent the White House from interfering in federal investigations. It attempts to create a stricter firewall between the White House and the Department of Justice.

Biden’s plan would also require candidates seeking federal office to disclose tax returns, going back 10 years. Trump did not release his tax returns in 2016, which was an unusual move in modern politics.

Ironically, it was President Trump’s insistence on battling government corruption that had Hunter Biden on his radar in the first place.