Biker Killed In Waco Shoot-Out Was A Highly Decorated Vietnam Veteran With Purple Heart – Not The Criminal Police Claim


Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, served with distinction in Vietnam. He was a Marine on active duty from 1969-1973 and received the Purple Heart. Rodriguez was one of the nine bikers killed on Sunday when gunfire erupted at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, where motorcyclists had gathered for a meeting.

Police said that all 9 who were killed were either a Cossack or a Bandido, but military records show Rodriguez received the Purple Heart. He also received a Navy commendation medal and other awards.

Family members said that Rodriguez was a biker, and that he had belonged to two defunct motorcycle clubs, one of which had allowed couples. But he was not part of a club when he was killed at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, they said, although he did have friends who were Bandidos.


Daily Mail reported:

Video footage reviewed by AP shows that when gunfire erupted in the parking lot of the restaurant, most of the leather-clad motorcycle riders watching the confrontation from the patio or inside immediately ran away from the shooting. A few tried to direct people to safety, crawling on all fours heading for cover.

One biker ran away with blood on his face, hands and torso. A woman could be heard screaming, ‘Oh my God!’ Others yelled, ‘Get down!’

Restaurant security video reviewed exclusively by the AP on Wednesday showed only one of the dozens of bikers recorded firing a gun from the patio of the restaurant. None of the nine video angles shows the parking lot.

Many of the bikers on tape are likely to have been arrested by Waco police, who rounded up about 170 people, charged them with felony engaging in organized criminal activity and set their bonds at $1 million.

Some bikers have complained that police acted too hastily in making arrests and scooped up riders who had nothing to do with the violence.

The AP was shown the video by representatives of the Twin Peaks franchise, who have said the fighting began outside the restaurant, not inside as police have said. The franchise has not released the video publicly, citing the ongoing investigation.

Video footage shows police with assault rifles entering the door about two minutes after the shooting begins. As two officers enter, bikers can be seen lying on the floor with their hands spread.


Rodriguez (pictured with his wife Mary) took part in charity events to combat crime

Photos courtesy of Google

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  1. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Other times, good people do not have good judgement, and end up paying for other people’s idiocy. RIP Marine, biker!

  2. Yeah because it just isn’t possible after 40+ years for someone to go from soldier to outlaw biker. He was hanging with 1% ers for a reason. If he wasn’t one then he kept VERY company with them, and considering the reason for the “meeting” (furtherance of a criminal enterprise and dividing up territory), he was clearly on the inside of that circle.

    Sorry he’s dead, but his military service from forty years ago has nothing to do with him being a scum bag or VERY close friend of scum bags today.

  3. That last post is ridiculous it was a COC meeting. Which all bike clubs and bikers are allowed. We come to listen to new legislation,new laws, discrimination against the biker community. We vote in representativea to lobby for us in local communities. It’s a farce that the clubs had intent to riot. Take care of that business somewhere else. My questions are how many polive we’re shot or stabbed? There were none.


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