Bill Clinton: ‘You Can’t Have People Walking Around With Guns’ [Video]


On CNN’s “State of the Union this past Sunday,” former President Bill Clinton told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the Baltimore and Ferguson civil unrest is a result of too many, “people walking around with guns” combined with a lack community trust.

That’s rich coming from Bill when he and Hillary both have a history of drug and gun running.

Bill Clinton

Clinton said, “The Baltimore thing came on the heels of what happened in Ferguson, what happened in New York City and all these other places. And their is a big national movement about whether the lives of young African-American men count.”

“You can’t have people walking around with guns. I used to tell people when we did Bosnia, Kosovo anything like that, you get enough people with weapons around and there will be unattended consequences. People make mistakes People do wrong. Things happen. To hold a community together you got to have a high level of community trust.”

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  1. No, we can’t have slick William and his cronies in danger of suffering the consequences of their actions. I don’t trust anyone who has a security detail that says I can’t be my own security.

  2. Of course the American people shouldn’t walk around with guns. It makes it really hard for the (cough)government from taking whatever they want..

  3. Lets see Hillary and Bill Clinton get rid their secret service agents all who are armed first. Bet they would never do that. We the people should not have to pay for their secret service body guards. Let the Clinton family be out in the open just like the rest of us. Bill and Hillary both LIARS, ADULTERERS,CONS, THIEVES, got innocent people killed in Benghazi and I am sure many more crimes, so they are the last ones to be allowed to make any comments period.

  4. No Bill…We can’t have thugs and miscreants walking around with guns..How about we try “stop and frisk” which worked wonderfully in NYC for years,Mandatory 5 years in prison if you’re caught with a firearm that u have no legal right to carry,10 to 15 years mandatory if it’s used in a crime,20 to 25 if someone gets injured,and life without parole if someone dies as a result. These sentences go up if you’re a prior felon. How many gang bangers will be carrying a gun if these laws are enacted..?? But the loony toon left liberal democrats are not serious about “REAL” gun control.


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