Bill Clinton’s Comments About Obama Could Potentially Doom Hillary’s Campaign


At an event in Spokane, Washington, Bill Clinton who has been campaigning on behalf of his wife Republican presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made a blundering fool out of himself when he called for putting “the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that, where we were practicing trickle-down economics with no regulation in Washington, which is what caused the crash, then you should vote for her,” Clinton said, referring to Hillary.


While Republicans agree with Clinton’s condemnation of Obama’s ‘awful legacy’, that was not the right thing to say considering Hillary is depending on Obama’s support and endorsement. 

Bill went on to say, “Because she’s the only person who basically has good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander in chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and independents alike,” the former president said.

Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times commented that it’s like Bill had no idea Hillary is running for President Obama’s third term.

“If you take a step back and look at all America has achieved over the past eight years, it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come,” Hillary wrote in an op-ed in the Huffington Post in January, titled “What President Obama’s Legacy Means to Me.”

Riddell said Hillary went on to explain how Obama has taken on “the toughest regulations on Wall Street since the 1930s,” and how Obama’s policies have created “70 straight months of private-sector job growth,” and that businesses have created 14.1 million jobs.

“The unemployment rate is the lowest in seven years,” Mrs. Clinton wrote. “And the auto industry just had its best year ever.”

It’s almost like Bill didn’t get Hillary’s talking points — or didn’t understand that Barack Obama has been president for the past seven years. 

Obama has come just short of endorsing Hillary calling her “wicked smart” and her campaign “more prose than poetry.”

Does Bill really want Hillary to become president? After statements like today’s, one has to question.

Even Matt Drudge questioned why make these statements now.

“Heard Obama moving on email indictments?” Mr. Drudge questioned on Twitter. “Drugged out? Alzheimer’s?”




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