Black Lives Matter And Islamic Terrorist Front Group CAIR Join Forces [Video]


Occupiers from Black Lives Matter and the terrorist front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) joined forces and descended upon California’s capitol Wednesday by the hundreds, demanding state legislators pass a new bill on racial profiling, and calling on Governor Jerry Brown to sign it.

Police Protests Legislature

As Michelle Moons Breitbart reported, CAIR leaders and members joined Black Lives Matter in a march on the California State Capitol on Wednesday, targeting Gov. Jerry Brown’s office over a new bill that, in part, would expand bans on racial profiling to include perceived ethnicity.

Senate Floor Analysis notes that the bill, AB 952, would require peace officers conducting “stops” to begin reporting the “perceived race or ethnicity, gender, and approximate age of the person stopped.”

Analysis also states that the bill expands a ban on “racial profiling” to include “racial or identity profiling.” Identity includes “race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.”

As police officers are being targeted across the nation, CAIR has sided with their enemies no doubt to claim that Muslims are also targets of racial profiling.    

That creates a serious problem for CAIR’s defenders, which argue that its associations with Islamic extremism can be overlooked because it helps law enforcement work with, and within, the Muslim community.

Joel Pollak Breitbart reported that by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, which has contributed to an atmosphere of violent incitement and hatred against police officers across the nation, CAIR has shown what its true feelings about American law enforcement really are.

CAIR claims it supports “the Founding Fathers’ tradition of working for checks on overly-broad law enforcement efforts.”

But Black Lives Matter targets ordinary, constitutionally-protected police activity. Its activists have used violence and called for violence against police.

CAIR’s alliance with the movement reinforces the perception that it opposes law enforcement because it backs some of the aims of Islamic radicals, even as it condemns their tactics.

Last year, the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR a terrorist group, which Obama adamantly denied.

Several of Hamas-CAIR’s leadership have been convicted of terror-related, Islamic jihad crimes, including Ghassan Elashi, Mousa Abu Marzook, Randall Royer, Bassem Khafagi, and Rabih Haddad.

Even Democrat Senator Charles Schumer has said, “CAIR has ties to terrorism and intimate links with Hamas.“

VIDEO: U.S. Rejects UAE Labeling of Two American Muslim Groups.


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