Black Lives Matter Do The Unthinkable To War Heroes Graves (Video)


President Obama leaves no doubt where he stands regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, they have his support and approval, after all, he created them.  The group was originally designed to acknowledge racism in the United States and help put an end to it, but these people have taken the name and used it to vandalize and destroy the graves of American heroes.


Before It’s News reported that the President [cough] of the United States thanks Black Lies Matter leaders for their ‘Outstanding Work,’ and how do they respond?

Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people:”

If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’.

Obama knows that narratives like, “hands up, don’t shoot,” being pushed are complete lies, yet he tells the group they are doing ‘Outstanding Work?’ Outstanding work at what? Ginning up racial hate that is devoid of any factual information. Has everyone forgotten the toll Ferguson and Baltimore had on their communities, and who was hurt the most? The “evil rich” or the “evil white people?” Hardly. 


When a Former Federal Prosecutor Said Obama Plans to Incite a Race War This Summer, the accusation didn’t come from a nobody. The escalating tensions that are unnecessarily a reaching boiling point across the country do NOTHING to solve any substantive problems. All they do is simply inch us one step closer to Martial Law once things finally DO get out of hand.

By virtually every statistic measured, black people have done infinitely WORSE under Obama than any other demographic over the seven years Obama has been in office.

When will the black community realize they are being used as pawns for the benefit of the Democratic Party, not the black community. If what I am saying isn’t true, why is it that EVERY SINGLE inner city is run by left-wing liberals, and in every inner city there is higher crime, less jobs, and more social unrest than anywhere else in the country.

It’s not Republicans setting policy in those inner cities. It’s not Trump. Where are the Democrat politicians living in those cities? In the same horrible neighborhoods as the disenfranchised blacks? Of course not. Why? Because people are being force fed a lie about who their real enemy REALLY is.

The latest story below about what was done to the graves of war heroes is disgusting? Excuse me… Obama would say it’s “Outstanding Work,” but Obama is a race baiting jackass!

How long does Black Lies Matter think this will go on before the un-silent majority begins to strike back? Do they think a civil war will bring about the society they want? How did regime change worth in Egypt? Libya?

I fear for the future, because it is a future full of violence, one that is based on pure lies, and one that could be avoided.


Photo:  Bing


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