Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz Urges Coalition Of Armed Black Racist Groups To Fight Police And America [Video]


The New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz called for the creation of various armed black gun groups to ‘protect’ the black community from brutal abuse by the police, and white people.


Rick Wells reported:

The hateful racist says there must be a unit of “brothers and sisters,” meaning blacks or non-whites, and recognizes the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. That’s a group which recently paraded in Austin with a lot more empty hands and vests than those carrying weapons in an attempt to intimidate the evil white folk. The noticeable lack of firearms was probably because of the criminal records of their members, preventing any public or private gun possession.

He asks “What’s wrong with the black rioters rising up to defend their community?” and what’s wrong with their organization going global to defend against the racist white cops. Shabazz may be on to something. While white racism in the police forces of Nigeria, Panama or the Antarctic hasn’t yet been identified as a major problem, but Obama’s just getting started. He is the president of the world, so what he’s inflicting upon us will soon find its way around the planet. He just needs a little time.

Shabazz asks “What’s wrong with the pan-African Congress of Lasagna using legal and lawful force of arms to defend ourselves?” Shabazz might have hit the nail with his thick head when he narrowed the question to legal and lawful. As for Lasagna, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s wonderful.

He says he’s “Noticed that they are shooting back, all over America. So police brutality is going to come to an end one way or another or else there’s going to be a lot of dead bodies in the streets.” That’s a clear threat of violence against police officers.


Where is the media outrage over Shabazz telling the black community to take up  arms against the police. Where is Obama’s public statement condemning Shabazz, and the Black Panthers.  I guess Obama can’t criticize his ‘sons.’ 

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  1. Well,I guess if they want to kill white people that means we can defend our self the same way they chose to lock and load .

  2. Malik Shit-fer-brains is suffering delusions & cognitive dissonance. Hey Malik you might want to take note of the 39 folks killed in Baltimore (so far) this month alone. Yesterday a 31 year old woman and a 7 year old kid executed by your homeboys! All this killing is almost exclusively black-on-black. It isn’t cops or white people you need to fear…its your fellow blacks. Smoke another blunt….

  3. The NBPP National Chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and a uniformed NBPP member are seen in photographs campaigning for and associating with Barack Obama in Selma, Alabama in March 2007. Since Obama was
    elected, Shabazz’s name appears scores of times in the White House guest logs ( To the credit of the NBPP, many of their
    members oppose water fluoridation which stance Obama ought to adopt and the SPLC labels, “Patriot Paranoia”
    ( The research on fluoride negatively impacting blacks and those of Mexican heritage
    many times more than other ethnicities is detailed in the excellent, new documentary, Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy (
    And then there are the scandals of the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice exhibiting they shielded NBPP members from criminal and civil charges:

  4. Aside from the, “Duh I’m a racist idiot!” angle, it’s unfortunate that Malik & most of his homies can’t possess guns…

  5. I am locked, loaded and ready for what you wanna bring Shabazz… will not hear the lead passing through your head as it splits apart.

  6. Forget you all. Blacks and other minorities have been systematically targeted by white bigoted racists for as long as there has been documented history. The fact that they want to defend themselves offends you. Then you are in that above group. I for one would proudly bear arms in defense of those who truely need it.

  7. A united front would be wonderful, if you can get these new negros out of the white women bed. Were i live their are no blackmen that date black women, these california blacks have sold out on every level, i pray some REAL BLACK MEN COME TO NORTHERN CA tell these black men to STIP ROLLING THEIR EYES AT BLACK WOMEN. Its embarrassing to watch blackmen denounce their entire being, not understanding who he is. Never having parents . Raised in fostercare . Many blacks under 35 beg for answers at why … they dont know what happed to blacks during the war on drugs,80’90z. They have no clue how we got here. They need to know what happened to the BLACK community THEY HEARD ABOUT BEFORE the WOD.

  8. We need numbers again… im so tired of being attacked an abused by whites,. Id like to know why whites pick an pick an pick on Black people WHY., then we the first u call when other want to harm whites. EVERY CULTURE AND N THE ENTIRE WORLD WANT AM. WHITES KILLED YET WHITES PICK ON AND BULLY BLACKS , THEN WONDER WERE THEIR CHILDREN GET BULLYING FROM, WHITES ATTACK THE ONLY GROUP HERE ARE N AMERICA THAT STOOD SIDE BY SIDE with them TO PROTECT THIS ENTIRE LAND. GOVERNMENT CLEARLY ADMITTED THAT BECAUSE OF BLACKS THE WW1-WW2 WAS WON, yet whites nitpick at black like the mean bully that waits to steal any and every thing the smart kid has. Sad part is, WHITE MEN KILL OUR CHILDREN THE AVERAGE white is a “CHILD KILLER”. THEY RARELY KILL OUR MEN THEY GO STRAIGHT FOR OUR YOUTH?????YOUR BOYS ??? BLACK YOUTH NEVER MAKE IT TO MANHOOD TO KNOW WHAT THEY COULD BE. SEEMS SYSTEMATICALLY THEY FIGURED OUT MANY MOONS AGO TO KILL THE BOYS BEFORE MANHOOD…. WHEN EVER THEY TAKE A BLACK KIDS TO JAIL THEY FEED THEM PHYCO MEDS, when that young man is releast they dont keep his meds up, so he gets back on the streets an without the meds he becomes very symptomatic from the medication not being given , he becomes anger, aggressive, anxiety ridden not realizing its the phyc meds making him behave this way do he will fight or kill. THAT HOW BLACK ON BLACK KILLINGS HAPPEN,. THAT CAN BE PROVEN NO ONE GET VES A SHIT.

    • I see we have a few folks here who have completely disconnected themselves from reality. It isn’t cops or white men killing blacks. It’s other blacks killing you. As to killing black youths, black women have more than a million abortions every year. Difficult to correct a problem WITHIN THE NLACK COMMUNITY when you insist on blaming the wrong party. You live in America. This is the country that ended slavery at a cost of 600,000 lives. If you don’t like it here, GTFO! Go live in Africa and see how you like life there.


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