Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz Urges Coalition Of Armed Black Racist Groups To Fight Police And America [Video]

Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz Urges Coalition Of Armed Black Racist Groups To Fight Police And America [Video]

The New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz called for the creation of various armed black gun groups to ‘protect’ the black community from brutal abuse by the police, and white people.


Rick Wells reported:

The hateful racist says there must be a unit of “brothers and sisters,” meaning blacks or non-whites, and recognizes the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. That’s a group which recently paraded in Austin with a lot more empty hands and vests than those carrying weapons in an attempt to intimidate the evil white folk. The noticeable lack of firearms was probably because of the criminal records of their members, preventing any public or private gun possession.

He asks “What’s wrong with the black rioters rising up to defend their community?” and what’s wrong with their organization going global to defend against the racist white cops. Shabazz may be on to something. While white racism in the police forces of Nigeria, Panama or the Antarctic hasn’t yet been identified as a major problem, but Obama’s just getting started. He is the president of the world, so what he’s inflicting upon us will soon find its way around the planet. He just needs a little time.

Shabazz asks “What’s wrong with the pan-African Congress of Lasagna using legal and lawful force of arms to defend ourselves?” Shabazz might have hit the nail with his thick head when he narrowed the question to legal and lawful. As for Lasagna, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s wonderful.

He says he’s “Noticed that they are shooting back, all over America. So police brutality is going to come to an end one way or another or else there’s going to be a lot of dead bodies in the streets.” That’s a clear threat of violence against police officers.


Where is the media outrage over Shabazz telling the black community to take up  arms against the police. Where is Obama’s public statement condemning Shabazz, and the Black Panthers.  I guess Obama can’t criticize his ‘sons.’ 

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